The holidays are always hectic, but on the heels of an especially busy few months of work I’ve been craving a getaway. No cell phone, no email, completely off the grid. Just give me a fireplace, a log cabin, and Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe in The Holiday. It’s really not so much to ask.

I’m still working on the wardrobe (see my picks at the end of the post), but I’ve got the fireplace and log cabin on lock care of a recently booked trip to an adorable lodge in Big Sky, Montana.

Excluding trips to CA, this will be our first trip out West, and as a displaced New Englander living in the South, I couldn’t be more excited for some snow! Raleigh’s warm winters still feel strange to me.

While in my Montana state of mind, I was reminded of a project in Big Sky completed by one of my favorite up and coming designers, Anna Burke Interiors.

It’s everything a modern mountain house should be and more. I imagine the soaring glass windows give you the feeling of being in a snow globe. Can you even with those views?

Plus, the luxe neutrals and layered textures are essentially the interior manifestation of Cameron Diaz’s The Holiday wardrobe which, as we’ve already established, I am very into at the moment.

With its midcentury chairs upholstered in a Zac & Fox print and statement making modern chandelier, the dining area is a particular favorite.

I’m certainly reading too much into this, but I love that diamond pattern on the fabric subtly echos the mountains in the background, and the fixture almost feels like falling snow. Much less obvious than an elk antler chandelier.

The powder bath is another favorite with its Eskayel wallpaper and feather watercolors.

But the real standouts are the bedrooms. If I were a guest, the above is where I’d be angling to rest my head, if only for the long standing love affair I’ve had with Suzanne Rheinstein’s Indian Zag on the upholstered bed.

Really though, who would mind if you ended up in this room with its epic sculptural nightstands.

Or perhaps this room, with another stunner of a bed in Peter Dunham’s Ikat, and some equally gorgeous burlwood nightstands. Not a bad room in the house!

Parka | Sweater | Boots | Socks | Sunglasses

Okay, now on to my packing list. My biggest dilemma has been outerwear, do I invest in the ubiquitous, but undoubtedly January in Montana appropriate, Canada Goose down parka? Or maybe this three-in-one option, or this still chic, but more budget friendly buy? Completely open to recs and reviews so please weigh in!

These boots have served me well for 5+ years and have definitely earned a spot in my suitcase. I’ll also bring this pair as a dressier option for dinners, etc.

This sweater, sized up, feels very alpine chic. I also scored an amazing vintage fair isle and am eagerly awaiting its arrival – so many hidden gems here!

For sleepwear, I couldn’t resist this set. Also, the skiers on these!

I’m still working on accessories, so far I’ve grabbed this hat and will pick up a pair of these gloves I buy each season because I inevitably lose one.

For base layers, it’s time for a new set of Capilene.

If you’ve been to Bozeman (we’ll spend a day there) or Big Sky, I’d love to hear about your favorite spots!

2 thoughts on “MONTANA STATE OF MIND

  1. Be sure to stroll Main Street, fun boutiques and art galleries: Silver Annie’s for turquoise jewelry, Meridian for cozy cashmere and Open Range or Plonk for dinner. As a designer you will want to visit The Architect’s Wife. Other spots for breakfast or lunch are Wild Crumb, Feed Cafe, and Little Star Diner. If you have a sweet tooth be sure to buy a Bequet caramel in one of their many flavors – sold almost everywhere in MT.

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