Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo

In high school we had an all-school meeting every Friday. The headmaster and head of school spoke, there was some form of entertainment, and for the most part I wasn’t very attentive; however, I do remember watching a documentary on Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Central Park installation: The Gates.

In continuation of Monday’s mission to bring a little color to the notoriously gray days of February, I bring you my latest inspiration–the Surrounded Islands project for Biscayne Bay–which, I was thrilled to discover, was executed by none other than Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

So here’s the deal, in the early 80s Christo and Jeanne Claude surrounded eleven islands in Biscayne Bay with 6.5 million square feet of floating pink fabric as a work of art “underlining the various elements and ways in which the people of Miami live, between land and water.”

These photos make me deliriously happy. I will never be able to resist a good shot of hot pink. I’d love to blow up the last photo to a ridiculous size and have it framed in lucite for my future office. That needs to happen, right?

Not only is it artistically inspiring, but I imagine there were a hell of a lot of critics saying it was silly, couldn’t happen (insert typical naysayer response here), etc. But, Christo and Jeanne-Claude made it happen.
Even more reason I need that framed print…


Winslow Homer

Glitter Guide Marlien Rentmeester-bedroom

Manuel Canovas Sark Wallpaper

I wanted to title this post “Put a Bird on It” but figured an obscure Portlandia reference might be lost on the majority of readers (kind of a weird show, right?)

Anyway, I was cleaning up my iPhone camera roll last night and came across a photo of a Winslow Homer oil painting I snapped at the National Gallery a few months ago.

I was drawn to the moody, saturated colors–it’s hard to see but the duck’s eye is the most unexpected shade of Veuve Cliquot orange–a color I previously would never have thought to pair with sea greens and grays.

Ironically, I had happened to be looking at Manuel Canovas’ Sark wallpaper earlier in the day (it would be criminal if I didn’t take the opportunity to use this pun) and they are so obviously birds of a feather.

The wallpaper is even more fabulous in person and immediately reminded me of Marlien Rentmeester’s master bedroom decorated by Hillary Thomas which features the fabric version of Sark. Oh how my brain is a funny little decorating rabbit hole…

I think it goes without saying that I’m now eagerly seeking opportunities to ‘put a bird on it’.

Have a great weekend!


Sally King Benedict Calendar

Sally King Benedict Calendar

Sally King Benedict Calendar

An original piece by abstract artist, Sally King Benedict, might be cost prohibitive for the art collector on your list, but luckily I’ve found a gift that I think they’ll enjoy almost as much.

Sally’s 2015 Calendar features 12 paintings which tear off into 5.5 x 7 post cards that can be mailed (or framed!) at the end of the month. Bonus!

I’m still kicking myself for not picking up one of her sweet little faces when I had the opportunity, but this calendar will definitely tide me over until I can have the real thing.


Jennifer Ament

Jennifer Ament

Jennifer Ament

Large Seaweed 2Large Seaweed 3Large Seaweed 1

I was introduced to Jennifer Ament’s work a few years ago when I spotted a piece in a blogger’s home. Since then, I’ve been following her success and coveting a piece or two along the way.

Last night, I was browsing Serena & Lily’s art collection–which I happen to think is one of the most well curated on the web–and came across the series above. I’ll spare you the hyperbole, but love would not be an exaggeration to describe how I feel about them.

I found myself attempting to find a way to scrap our entire wedding registry and somehow explain that, yes, a toaster might be more practical, but I really can’t continue living without these pieces in our home. Sigh, the drama.

Aren’t they stunning?