Lindsay Speace | Citrus Art

It’s been just over a week in Raleigh and we’ve finally dispatched with all of the moving boxes, so I thought I owed you a more aesthetically appealing update! Books have been unpacked, shelves styled, and we’ve started to get art up on the walls.

Ironically, just as things are starting to feel like home I’m headed straight back to DC for a few days before we fly out for South Africa on Wednesday. Knowing that we won’t be coming home jet-lagged to a sea of boxes is a big relief and I can’t wait to actually start exploring when we return.

In other news, being without internet this past week was just the push I needed to make some headway on my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge (I’m 8 books behind – whoops!) I picked up a copy of All the Light We Cannot See on a Target run and it’s absolutely as good as everyone says it is. I stayed up way too late and blew through it in two days.

With 16 hours of flying time ahead of me, I need to pick up a few more titles for our trip – any recommendations?


Moving Boxes

Hopefully this is the least attractive picture you’ll ever see on this blog (actually, I’ve posted some pretty scary before photos of our apartments in the past) but Garrett’s creative box labeling cracked me up and is a pretty accurate description of the state of affairs over here!

We got to Raleigh around midnight on Friday, and spent the weekend getting settled in. Can we all agree that moving is kind of the worst? So many whose-its and whats its. At the same time, I’m relishing in the idea of a fresh start. I’ve been purging like Marie Kondo and loving it.

We’re planning to rent for a year and get the lay of the land before starting the hunt for something more permanent, so my excitement about decorating is admittedly tempered by the fact that this is (hopefully) a short term space, but I do plan to make some smart purchases that will transition with us.

I’ll share more of the design process in weeks to come–I may already have fabrics taped to the walls like a crazy person. 😉  In the mean time, I thought it might be fun to commiserate about moves – how many have you done? What was the farthest? Any funny stories? Would love to hear ’em!


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Scheme
Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Custom Pillows

Is Mercury in retrograde or something, because it has been one of those weeks. We’re pushing through it though, and our South Africa trip is just two weeks away (yup, we’ll be in our new home in NC for one week and then straight back to DC to fly out!) which is a big, huge, lighthouse style beacon of light at the end of the tunnel. #nocellonsafari

So let’s focus on the pretty! These pillows just came in from the workroom last night and I’m super excited to see the transformation from memos on my inspiration board (I’ve taken to washi taping everything straight to my walls) to real deal pillows.

The big boys in back are 24″ x 24″ and we have four of them going on a huge sectional which is going to be so comfy for this downstairs den. The lumbar pillow in front is part of a pair which will go atop a pair of parrot green English roll arm chairs.

Sorry, Kermit. It’s easy being green.


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Botanicals

Oh, hey! Sorry for going off the grid…again! All will be explained later this week, but in the mean time, remember those antique botanical book plates? They were framed and installed last week and I just love how they turned out.

You can sneak a peek at some of the fabrics we’ll be using in the space in this snap I took prior to the presentation, and some of the decor here. Excited to see this project taking shape!

P.S I promise it’s just my iPhone skills that are crooked and these are actually straight in real life! 😉


Antique Botanicals

Hello, September! I love the fresh start, blank slate feeling that comes with start of Fall. With three installations on the books, a major kitchen renovation underway, our trip to Africa just a month away (!!), and some exciting personal news I’ll be sharing soon, this month is gearing up to be a doozy, but we’re hitting the ground running. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Today it’s off to the framer. The two ferns above are favorites from a set of a dozen 19th century botanical book plates I picked up for a client. They’ll be hung in three rows of four above a navy chaise. It’s going to be such a great little spot for the young family that will call it home and I can’t wait to see it come together.

Do you have any plans for the holiday weekend?