The Pursuit of Style | Matisse Cut-Outs

We made a whirlwind trip to NYC this weekend to celebrate a friend’s engagement and I’m still pretty impressed with all that we were able to pack into just over 24 hours!

We stayed at my favorite hotel (this visit I obsessed over the artwork in our room), I chatted design with Sarah over brunch at Claudette, crossed Palma off my to-visit list, and made our way through most of the cocktail list at Margaux. We wandered around the West Village real estate stalking and spent hours in Strand where I ultimately settled on a copy of New York, New York: How the Apartment House Transformed the Life of the City.

Aside from celebrating with great friends, by far my favorite part of the trip was our visit to the MoMA for the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition. It was absolutely fantastic and I’d highly recommend a visit if you’ll be in NYC before February 8th–if not, definitely pick up a copy of the catalog, which would also make a great gift!


Danielle Rollins | Thanksgiving inspiration

It seems like the commercial rush of the holidays starts earlier and earlier each year–or maybe I’ve just become more keenly aware of it as I’ve gotten older. I heard my first Christmas song in a store yesterday and had to do a double take on my iCal. Yup, November 9th.

In the interest of giving each holiday its due, I’m planning to devote this entire week to Thanksgiving. I’ve always loved setting a table and have been excitedly pulling together some tablescape inspiration to share. Whether your a traditionalist at heart, or prefer a more modern mix, I’ve got you covered.

The photo above from Danielle D. Rollins’ Instagram is what my ultimate Thanksgiving table would look like–ikat, Scalamandre Tigre, monogrammed linens, and not one, but two of my favorite Mottahedeh patterns: Tobacco Leaf and Sacred Bird & Butterfly.

Before we get started with all the pretty I have lined up over the next few days I thought it would be fun to hear from you about how you’ll be celebrating. I’ve answered a few questions below and invite you to do the same in the comments!


Where I’ll be celebrating: Virginia
Big family gathering or Friendsgiving?: Little family gathering! My younger sister is hosting and my parents will be flying down from the Cape and Garrett and I will be driving down from DC.
My Thanksgiving style is: classic, but colorful
I always make my: mashed potatoes–I won’t even tell you how many sticks of butter are in there…
Pass more of the:
cranberry sauce, please!
Favorite tradition: playing Scrabble after dinner while fighting off the food coma
Three things I’m thankful for:
the support of my family, a husband that keeps me laughing every day, and the ability to do what I love!


Where I’ll be celebrating:
Big family gathering or Friendsgiving?:
I always make my:
Pass more of the:

Favorite tradition:
Three things I’m thankful for:


The Pursuit of Style | Bits & Pieces

This riot of color is currently making me insanely happy. My normally type-A self doesn’t even care that my desk is basically unusable because every inch is covered in wallpaper and fabric memos.

I’m working with some fantastic new clients and we’re racing the clock to make some design magic happen before Thanksgiving. Wallpaper is involved and you know that’s my crack.

 More to come… Until then, I’ll be staring at this candy striped moire like a middle school girl with a crush.


The Pursuit of Style | The Hob Knob

I came back from our mini-moon feeling like I was ready to take on the world… but the only thing I ended up taking on was my bed, a few boxes of Kleenex, and too many episodes of Blacklist to count.

Whether it was post-wedding exhaustion, or the fact that the weather here in DC has been consistently yo-yoing between 45 and 80 degrees, my body finally called it quits and I spent most of last week/weekend side-lined by a nasty cold.

Silver lining? Logging some serious hours in bed gives me an excuse to share this photo I snapped of one of the (many) beautiful headboards at the Hob Knob–where we spent our wedding weekendand it’s somewhat relevant.

Pretty fantastic, right? Okay, back to taking on the world…


Lindsay Speace Wedding

I’m baaaack! I had lofty goals of putting up some great new content for you while I was preparing to put a ring on it and while we mini-mooned in Charleston, but as you might have surmised, that was a bit ambitious.

Our wedding day and the past week we spent in Charleston have been some of the happiest days of our lives and I’m so glad I unplugged (except for Insta of course!) to be fully present and savor each wonderful moment.

 As much as I lamented the planning process, it was so rewarding to see all the details I spent months conceptualizing realized–special thanks to our wonderful coordinator/stylist, Lauren for getting my vision and executing it.

I’m looking forward to seeing our photos through Kate’s magical lens, but until then here are a few bits & pieces.