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I came back from our mini-moon feeling like I was ready to take on the world… but the only thing I ended up taking on was my bed, a few boxes of Kleenex, and too many episodes of Blacklist to count.

Whether it was post-wedding exhaustion, or the fact that the weather here in DC has been consistently yo-yoing between 45 and 80 degrees, my body finally called it quits and I spent most of last week/weekend side-lined by a nasty cold.

Silver lining? Logging some serious hours in bed gives me an excuse to share this photo I snapped of one of the (many) beautiful headboards at the Hob Knob–where we spent our wedding weekendand it’s somewhat relevant.

Pretty fantastic, right? Okay, back to taking on the world…


Lindsay Speace Wedding

I’m baaaack! I had lofty goals of putting up some great new content for you while I was preparing to put a ring on it and while we mini-mooned in Charleston, but as you might have surmised, that was a bit ambitious.

Our wedding day and the past week we spent in Charleston have been some of the happiest days of our lives and I’m so glad I unplugged (except for Insta of course!) to be fully present and savor each wonderful moment.

¬†As much as I lamented the planning process, it was so rewarding to see all the details I spent months conceptualizing realized–special thanks to our wonderful coordinator/stylist, Lauren for getting my vision and executing it.

I’m looking forward to seeing our photos through Kate’s magical lens, but until then here are a few bits & pieces.



African Baskets | The Pursuit of Style

Wasn’t the weather amazing this weekend? I split my time between NYC and DC and was so happy with the sunshine I didn’t even mind that my fall fashion choices were entirely overkill for the 80 degree temperatures. New York was a feast for the senses as usual and I’m happy to report that I checked my final dress fitting off the list–that baby is on its way to Cape Cod as we speak!

It’s completely crazy to me how fast the past 9 months have flown by. I keep saying to everyone that it’s felt like being in a time lapse film where the seasons have been changing around me but I’ve had my nose to the grindstone completely unaware (okay, maybe hyper-aware these past few weeks!)

With less than two weeks left, I find myself letting go of the little things–the custom cups that weren’t ordered in time, the linen that came in from India a few yards short–and just feeling overwhelmingly excited to have found this amazing human who wants to spend the rest of his life laughing with me.

With that said, I know we’re both looking also forward to the dust settling. Personally, I can’t wait to re-direct all the creative energy I’ve been pouring into planning back into design. And I think I’ll start with these fantastic African baskets hand-woven by Ugandan artisans that I have grand plans for!


antique inlaid dresser | The Pursuit of Style

What do you do when you’re antiquing for wedding decor and come across an inlaid beauty like the one above? You stop dead in your tracks, call your client and say you simply can’t leave it behind and that you’ll find a spot for it somewhere–this technique works especially well when the client happens to be your mom.

While they’re slapping on the sold sticker, you design an entire room around it in your head and start to selfishly think maybe you should keep it for yourself. Once you reconcile with the fact that you have zero storage space, you thank the antique gods and decide that the guest room will be the perfect home so you can visit it often.

And that is my latest adventure in antiquing!


No matter how long I’ve been out of school, September will always hold all of the promise of that first page in a new notebook. I love the energy that Fall brings as the lazy days of Summer come to a close. The crispness in the air is like a splash of cold water to the face that reminds me it’s time to get back to business.

So in the spirit of a fresh start, here’s what I’ve been up to the past month–thankfully I’ve been a slightly better Instagrammer than blogger!

Our wedding invitations were definitely a labor of love, but I’m hoping that all of those hours of stamping resulted in some smiles at the other end of the mailbox.

The Pursuit of Style

I am so obsessed with how this office in my Cape Cod project is coming together. I know I’ve pushed its owner beyond his comfort zone at each point along the way–first with the navy walls, then the antelope rug, then layering more pattern with the loveseat–but we all agree they were risks well worth taking. Why shouldn’t New England nautical take a walk on the wild side?
Next up: new art, sconces, and throw pillows.

The Pursuit of Style

Continuing with the masculine theme, phase 1 of the bachelor pad project is just about coming to a close! Window treatments and the last pieces of furniture were installed a few weeks ago and now it’s time to zhush everything up with the last layer of decorative details. Can’t wait to get my hands on the black lacquered built-in!

The Pursuit of Style

Like everyone else, I’ve been hitting up the Labor Day sales this weekend. I picked up a pair of these which I had monogrammed with MRS to wear the night before the wedding. Kind of dorky, but cute, right? 1

5% off is also a good excuse to add some new art to our kitchen. With all the lovely gifts we’ve been receiving, the walls deserve some attention too, right? Lastly, don’t miss this site-wide sale from one of my favorite shops, Waiting on Martha! I’m taking the opportunity to pretend I’m heading back to school and stock up on paper products which was always my favorite part!