LIndsay Speace Interior Design | Office

Bolts of fabric, pillows, a rug, and antique lamps I couldn’t leave behind are slowly but surely taking over my “office” (a niche I carved out in our bedroom, for now) but when the clutter is this colorful and happy, I don’t mind one bit.

I suppose if you needed further evidence from Monday’s post that I’m back to my old color and pattern splashed ways this would suffice. In any event, this little corner is a much welcome respite from today’s gray skies.

Where is Spring?!


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Bedroom

Hello, hello! Long time no blog. I did a mini social media detox last week–no blogging, no Insta–which to be honest was mainly due to a lack of planning on my part, but rather than stress out about finding something to share I decided to roll with it. Once I got past the urge to reach for my phone and mindlessly scroll every ten minutes it was kind of great.

¬†We finally got started on our goal of trying a new (to us) restaurant that we’re excited about every month and had our first date night at Rasika. We both left our phones at home which sounds so ridiculously simple but can weirdly be a little anxiety provoking–only making me realize how much I need to cut that cord! Anyway, I found that disconnecting from distractions enabled me to better connect with the important things i.e the person in front of me at the dinner table. Shocking, I know.

I spent the weekend in Raleigh catching up with girlfriends from college and that plus my step back from social media has me feeling re-energized and ready to jump into a new week. When I came home I decided it was time for an impromptu bedroom refresh. I tore down the curtains that have been driving me crazy and shifted our nightstand to make room for some desperately needed storage now that our bedroom needs to serve double duty as an office when I’m working from home.

Spending more time at home has definitely led me to be more critical of our existing furniture and I think it’s time for a change. Any designer will tell you that they are their own worst client so we’ll see how this goes!


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Capiz Shell Chandelier

Friends, we’ve made it through February which feels like more than half the battle. In the spirit of blue sky days ahead of us (fingers crossed!) here’s a peek at a project I’m currently wrapping up.

This over sized capiz shell pendant is going to be even prettier when it’s framed by the window treatments we’ll be installing in a few weeks. When it comes to waiting for the good stuff I’m definitely more impatient than any of my clients!


US Botanic Gardens | The Pursuit of Style

I’d venture to guess that if you’re on the East Coast you’re just about done with the cold–and if you’re in Boston you’re definitely done with the snow!

I’ve posted about the US Botanic Gardens before, but a visit has become somewhat of a winter tradition. It’s one of DC’s hidden gems and the perfect escape when you’re craving some warmth but an exotic escape isn’t in the cards.

Thankfully, a bit of sunshine is in my future. I’ll be spending the week in Florida and am equally excited to hit the Dixie Coast highway and do some antiquing (if you have any tips please send them my way!) as I am to ensconce myself under a cabana with a pile of books–I’m currently reading The Girl on the Train and can’t put it down! Definitely has a Gone Girl vibe.

P.S be sure to check back tomorrow for some exciting news I can’t wait to share with you!