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Perhaps it’s the change of seasons and the “back to business” vibe I always associate with September, but I’m feeling especially inspired this week and eager to get to work.

Part of this surge of inspiration is undoubtedly a result of pouring over the pages of Mark D. Sike’s wonderful book: Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless StyleI was fortunate to receive an advance copy which arrived just as I was leaving for the airport last week. If it gives you any indication of just how excited I was to dig in, I tossed it into my purse and hauled a coffee table book as my reading material to and from Vermont. #noregrets

I’m confident that Mark will go down in the books as one of the greatest designers of our generation. With an unfaltering eye and exceptional taste his rooms are not only stunning, they’re also inviting and comfortable (a quality that extends to his equally chic clothing line).

So, let’s make this week beautiful!

P.S Mark’s book is officially available tomorrow. Grab a copy, you won’t be disappointed!


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We spent the weekend in Vermont for a wedding and after getting back to Raleigh at 2:00AM yesterday morning (with a shattered laptop, ugh) I really had a case of the Mondays. The silver lining is I’m really feeling those back to school vibes with a brand new Macbook Air and my custom desk almost completed. I’m predicting productivity will be off the charts. 😉

So let’s jump start this week with a colorful kick in the pants by way of a project peek. The snap above is from one of my most unique projects to date. Believe it or not, this 600 sq foot space is an apartment off of my clients’ airplane hangar. They’re building their forever home just outside of Raleigh and plan to live in the apartment during construction.

DC gave me plenty of practice with small spaces so we pulled out all the tricks of the trade to make this space functional and fun for my world traveling clients!


The Pursuit of Style | Mario Lopez Torres

Oh hi. Popping back in from the depths of blogging obscurity. Life has been particularly crazy this past month, but more on that later. For now, let’s ease back into the swing of things by reveling in all the whimsical glory of my new Mario Lopez Torres giraffe lamp found at a favorite new Raleigh haunt: Urbage.

The jury’s still out on whether it’s normal to buy pieces for the future nursery of your yet to be conceived children, but I’ve come to realize there’s no greater regret than a one-of-a-kind piece left behind, so until he’s needed elsewhere this guy will be dressing up my desk. Smiles all day long guaranteed.

Other items of note: the custom storage ottomans just back from the workroom in a vibrant Guatemalan striped woven. There is a serious lack of attractive storage furniture out there and pieces like these are so versatile!

I’m considering having a few more made in my favorite fabrics, any interest? We’re all about form and function over here.


After a busy fall and winter of presentations and paperwork, we’re reaching the finish line with several projects both here in Raleigh and back in DC. Eagerly anticipated custom pieces have been trickling in and I’ve been all too excited to introduce them to their new homes. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to:

Lindsay Speace Interior Design

In Raleigh, my clients heeded my call for a colorful sofa in their very first home. We love how it pairs with their beautiful chinoiserie panel and can’t wait for their custom navy swivel chairs we dressed up with some pretty trim at the hemline to finish off their living room. They’ll definitely be housewarming ready!

Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Nursery

Another Raleigh couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl into this recently completed nursery. It’s such a sweet space and whether its new homes, or new babies it’s always so rewarding to have the opportunity to work with clients during major milestones. Looking forward to sharing professional snaps of this one soon!

Lindsay Speace Interior Design

Back in DC, a favorite Raoul Textiles fabric was the jumping off point for the living space of this charming row house. I love the shot of apple green against the blues and aqua. Custom Roman shades scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks and a big piece of art for above the sectional will finish off the space.

Lindsay Speace Interior DesignIn NoVA, the bachelor pad’s powder bath got a major upgrade. It’s a teeny space but we punched it up with a new washstand sink, marble herringbone mosaic floor tile, an oblong hexagonal mirror, and an overhead double sconce with black trimmed shades. We’re selecting a few pieces of black and white photography to dress up the walls and are gearing up to kick off the kitchen reno ASAP!

I hope you enjoyed a few behind the scenes peeks at what we’ve been up to lately at LSID (albeit via iPhone photo 😉) I’m super excited about everything in the works for 2016–this funky space and many more not pictured included!


Lindsay Speace Interior Design

When we first moved to Raleigh, as thrilled as I was to get my hands on a new space to decorate, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything new for the apartment because–fingers crossed–we’d only be in it a year before finding a home. Well my friends, patience is definitely not one of my virtues.

We’ve hit the sixth month mark and living in an unfinished (un-started would be more accurate) space has been killing me. I’ve been determined to keep my eye on the prize (a whole house to decorate!) but my resolve is slipping. Working from home in disarray while pulling together beautiful schemes for clients seems all too ironic (and mildly embarrassing!) The cobbler’s children have no shoes.

I’m a big believer in the power of our surroundings to affect our moods and mindset, and as I’ve been watching the market and starting to worry it may take us longer than six months to find our perfect home I’ve decided to compromise. No major purchases (i.e I’m still dealing with the cheapo sofa we had to build in our DC apartment to get a full size past a tight corner) but I am going to zhush up our bedroom so we have one finished space with the thought that it will transition to a guest bedroom in our future home.

I mentioned last week that I picked up a big painting of an original textile design in Dallas and that has been the catalyst for our bedroom design. The background of the above photo is the painting (very Paule Marrot, right?) and the fabrics are some favorites I’ve always wanted to use but haven’t had the occasion to. After six months of living without nightstands (I do not recommend) I had a vintage pair lacquered in Benjamin Moore’s Newburg Green–coincidentally before I bought the painting–so I’m glad they work!

Next up, deciding on the headboard shape, finding a pair of lamps, sourcing a rug, and possibly updating our mattress–has anyone used Casper or Tuft & Needle? I’m intrigued by their models…