Gucci Mules

Today kicks off New York Fashion Week, and though I may be out of my depth and should stick to forecasting interior trends, I’m going out on a limb here and going on record with my prediction of Gucci’s Princetown mules as the shoe of the season.

Last year’s “it” shoe was undoubtedly the Ghillie. Everyone from Aquazurra to M.Gemi to Loeffler Randall got in on the action and it looks like the style is still going strong. Turns out comfortable and chic aren’t mutually exclusive.

Which is brings us back to the item at the top of my Fall wish list: the Princetown mule. Unabashedly old school prep but with street style cred and, of course, Gucci’s trademark quality and craftsmanship.

I think it’s time I pulled the trigger…


The Pursuit of Style | Festive Finds Under $150

Earrings | Top | Purse | Lipgloss | Heels

I’m the queen of procrastination when it comes to preparing for parties–holiday parties, weddings, you name it–I guarantee you the week before I’ll be scrambling to pull an outfit together, pick up a hostess gift, or buy something off the registry.

It’s one of my least favorite qualities and something I’m trying to work on because I hate feeling unprepared (and spending exorbitant amounts on overnight shipping–which I do more often than I care to admit…dumb).

This year I’m getting ahead of the game and have been taking note of festive finds as I’ve come across them in an effort to put a stop to my pre-party crazy. Notable finds include this top my friend Jessie clued me in to which is super cute IRL. Pair it with black cigarette pants, a statement necklace, and bold lip.

When I run out of time and my closet is the only option, one of my tried and true tricks is dressing up an old standby with new accessories. These heels are very Aquazzura-esque (I like to imagine them as the affordable love child of these and these, can you see it?) and versatile enough to take you through a myriad of events this season. The biggest baubles you can handle–these fit the bill–will distract from your basic LBD.

Last on my prep list, a gold purse. I daydream about this one, which I know would pay for itself in cost/wear over the next ten years, but sadly that rationale doesn’t jive with saving for a down payment. Whomp whomp. This one is a good compromise.

Hopefully if you share my penchant for procrastination this holiday hit list has got you covered!


The Pursuit of Style | Mansur Gavriel

The Pursuit of Style | Mansur Gavriel

The Pursuit of Style | Mansur Gavriel

The Pursuit of Style | Mansur Gavriel

$585 SOLD
Mansur Gavriel Large Cammello Tote in Dolly
Camel Leather with Hot Pink Interior

Here’s one for the fashionistas! I impulse bought a notoriously hard to come by Mansur Gavriel bag last month as early birthday present (now sold out everywhere!), buut I kind of wish I had gone with the bucket bag and it’s been sitting in the box it came in ever since.

That just shouldn’t happen with a bag this pretty–truly a crime–so I’m hoping someone will #treatyoself and show this beauty off since Mansur Gavriel doesn’t accept returns. Brand new, never worn, all tags/dust bag/etc. included.

Email if interested.


Little White Dress

Maybe it’s because I’m a procrastinator when it comes to fashion (I’m always the girl scrambling to find a dress to wear to next weekend’s wedding) or maybe it’s because I’m very much in denial that summer’s quickly fading away, but while everyone else is shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for deals on pre-fall, I’m still thinking about little white dresses.

I came across the photo above earlier this summer on Veuve Clicquot’s tumblr and have been obsessed with that little white dress ever since. I finally tracked it down, and while I’m convinced it’s perfect in every way, let’s be honest, I’d rather throw down on some amazing fabric.

If, like me, you’re still in a summer state of mind and would prefer to buy LWDs over sweaters, we’re in luck because the sales are insane right now! I’ve curated my favorites below.

P.S Fall brides, this is the time for you to stock up for upcoming showers, the rehearsal dinner, etc. As an October bride I can promise you from experience that you’ll be so happy to have options hanging in your closet (again, I was the girl scrambling!)


Earlier this week LOFT invited me to stop by their Georgetown store to check out their new summer collection. Full disclosure, I hadn’t shopped with LOFT in quite some time so this was a reintroduction to the brand for me as well.

I was more than pleasantly surprised to walk into a world of color and pattern! The fresh and youthful collection was definitely not the LOFT I was remembering (which, truth be told, is probably tarnished by the ghosts of interview suits past!)

If it’s been awhile for you, too, let me take you on a quick tour and share some of the bright young things that caught my eye:

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

Given the focus of two of my recent posts, I am definitely on a pink kick. Hot pink and navy is a favorite combination and these striped camis grabbed my attention. I’m always looking for tops to complete my lazy girl summer uniform of white jeans and gold Jacks and this one certainly fits the bill.

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

I love a good statement short and these might have been my favorite find. Hot pink and coral-y red is an unexpected combination that just works and the playful modern print is perfect for summer.

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

Fun fact: if you put a tassel on it, I will buy it. Case in point: this tassel scarf which came home with me.

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

These stripe shorts had the cutest drawstring closure. In the summer I’m all about easy to throw on pieces that still look polished.

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

Did you make friendship bracelets growing up? These bracelets are the advanced version and totally grown up appropriate. I’m especially loving the combination of lavender and lime–remembering that one for future design schemes!

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

Eyelet is a quintessential summer fabric. Switch up your traditional white for a shot of citron.

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

Our taste in interiors often mirrors our taste in fashion so I wasn’t surprised at all to find myself gravitating towards the blue and white. I especially loved the embroidery on this dress.

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

Insert blue heart emoji here.

I also picked up a pair of the mint green sneakers you can see in the top right of this photo and broke them in at Dumbarton Oaks this weekend.

The Pursuit of Style | LOFT

There’s so much cross over between fashion and interiors, and batik, shibori, and Hmong printed pillows have been huge in design this past year. If you love that trend, I’m guessing you might also love this dress.

A big thanks to LOFT for inviting me to visit- it’s definitely going to be a colorful summer! Shop my favorite bright young things featured in this post below: