29 for 29

Today is my 29th birthday – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling just the tiniest bit freaked out about leaving my “20 something” years behind me, but from what I’ve heard, your 30s are really where it’s at! Years ago I wrote and shared 26 goals for my 26th year which was a lot of fun so I thought I’d give it another go for 29.

Dinner with Jackson Pollock

Some are frivolous (#12) and some are pretty major (#10) but I’ve come to be a big believer in writing it down to make it happen so let’s see how many of these I’m able to manifest before the big 3-0 next year!

Cheers to making every day count.

P.S I’d love to hear what’s on your list (birthday or not) in the comments!


1.    grow my business and continue to do what I love

2.    practice meditation regularly

3.    send more snail mail

4.    volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about

5.    stop comparing… seriously, stop.

6.    find ways to be a better friend, sister, daughter & wife

7.    have a project featured in a national publication

8.    design and manufacture that product I keep thinking about…

9.    cook at home for one month

10.  buy our first home (or move somewhere that feels like home) (September 2015)

11.   unplug earlier and often


12.  take a flower arranging class

13.  upgrade to grown up luggage (October 2015)

14.  get serious about skincare

15.  add a new original piece of artwork to our collection

16.  invest in a classic to last the next 29 years

17.   learn how to needlepoint

18.  have personal stationery made

19.  read a book about wine


20.  run a half marathon

21.  take a solo trip

22.  master my Nana’s Portuguese cookie recipe

23.  take sailing lessons with Garrett

24.  do something that scares me

25.  hike Table Mountain in South Africa

26.  visit a new state

27.  visit a new country

28.  complete my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge

29.  plan an epic 30th birthday trip with friends


Matchbook Diaries Instagram
Matchbook Diaries Instagram
Matchbook Diaries InstagramInstagram is without a doubt my social media platform of choice these days. It’s instant visual gratification and I have to admit the ease of snap, filter, and post has become much more appealing than the hour(s) of research, photo editing/graphic creation, and writing that blogging can take. There also seems to be more engagement over on Insta–something I really miss from the early days of blogging.

I’m always finding new accounts to follow and thought I’d start sharing some of my favorites.  Last night I stumbled upon Matchbook Diaries, an account devoted to photos of–you guessed it–matchbooks. I’m incapable of leaving any sort of branded ephemera behind and as a result have become an accidental matchbook collector.

Naturally I completely nerded out when I discovered Matchbook Diaries and quickly found myself scrolling down the rabbit hole to see which matchbooks I already had in my collection and finding new spots to visit. Currently my matchbooks are in a big bowl on our coffee table, but seeing them lined up like this got my wheels spinning–wouldn’t they be amazing framed?

I’m not sure I could part with mine in such a permanent way, so perhaps this Danielle Kroll print I’ve had my eye on would be a better alternative!

Any other matchbook collectors out there?







Allow me to introduce you to my latest Insta-obsession: @ihavethisthingwithfloors. If you weren’t already dreaming of painted cement or mini hex tiles, you soon will be. If you want to make that dream a reality, let’s chat because 1. we’re definitely kindred spirits and 2. I would love nothing more than to make this happen in a project.

It seems like the recipe for Instagram gold is pretty simple: mix one part amazing floors with one part statement shoes and garnish with a pretty pedicure. I’ve got you covered on the statement shoe front with my picks below, and if you’re in DC you can’t beat the painted tile at Le Diplomate–happy snapping!


If there were a way to calculate chic per capita, I’m pretty sure Lyford Cay would be off the charts thanks in large part to designers like Amanda Lindroth (and of course, Tom Scheerer’s re-decoration of the Lyford Cay Club). This wicker and rattan filled porch designed by Lindroth featured in House Beautiful is providing me with ample inspiration. Those lamps!

House Beautiful | Amanda Lindroth

As much as I’m in denial that summer is quickly fleeting, purchases like these stacked tortoise heels are making the transition to fall more appealing. Huge props to my sister for bringing them to my tortoise loving attention.

Tortoise Heels

I have a category in my reader titled “An Education” for blogs that enrich my knowledge of interior design. Carolyn Roehm’s blog is one of my favorites in that category. Following the renovations of her historic Charleston home is fascinating.  The recent reveal of her bird room was a particular favorite.

Carolyn Roehm


Soho House | Smitten Studio

I have not been able to get this image out of my head since first spotting it on Smitten Studio (amazing blog, add it to your reader!) and now I desperately want to take a trip to the Soho House in Miami OR re-create the entire fabulous situation in someone’s breakfast nook. PEACOCK LEATHER CHESTERFIELD!

This is Glamorous | Design Sponge

I’ve never been a shoe girl, but This Is Glamorous makes me want to be. More clever shoe storage ideas here and Michelle Smith’s stylish living room shoe situation.

Tory Burch Blog

De Gournay and Serge Mouille make unexpected bedfellows, but I think this relationship will make it the long haul! Bonus pints for the powder blue mid-century buffet. via Tory Burch

Lately I’ve felt like my brain is starting to share an unsettling resemblance to my internet browser–a hundred different tabs open at once that I promise I’ll get around to reading, buying, blogging, doing later.

We’re just over two months away from the wedding (headed up to NYC for my first fitting this weekend!) and as much as I swore up and down I’d be a low key bride I’m definitely starting to feeling the stress building, but also the excitement!

I’m working with some amazing clients who have put full trust in me creatively which always makes for a more rewarding project, and am getting ready to celebrate a birthday on Thursday. Life’s been a whirlwind, and I’m not nearly ready to say goodbye to summer. Where did it go?!

With of all of the crazy, TPOS got pushed further and further down the to-do list and sadly began to feel more like a box to check than a place to engage and share inspiration. Hence the sporadic posting this summer.

I’ve been having more and more conversations with fellow bloggers and blog readers alike about the “state of blogging” and there seems to be an overall sense of discontent. A feeling that something is missing that we can’t quite put our finger on. Scrolling Insta has replaced checking in on some of our old daily reads, others we read with an eye roll.

So I’m curious both as a blog writer and blog reader, what’s next? Do we think blogging is on its way out or will it simply continue to evolve?

More importantly, I’ve shared some of my current inspiration above, what’s inspiring YOU? Please share in the comments below.