I’m signing off for the week–we’re headed up to the Cape this afternoon–but wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to check in, share your thoughtful comments, emails of encouragement, and for generally joining in my obsession with all things aesthetic.

Cheers to many exciting things to come in 2015!


Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight

A minimalist I am not, but if there was anything that could compel me to consider the merits of paring down my palette, Kate Arends’ holiday decor might be it.

 A healthy dose of greenery, interesting mix of materials and textures: brass, wood, seagrass, linen, and wool combine to create an interior that is anything but cold; which, I admit, is the feeling I generally associate with minimalism.

I think Kate’s beautiful space proves that reigning it a bit doesn’t have to be ascetic. Being more intentional with our décor choices can lead to a home that is just as cozy as the layered spaces I generally tend to favor.

Now I can’t wait to get home and light a fire–have a wonderful weekend!


Sally King Benedict Calendar

Sally King Benedict Calendar

Sally King Benedict Calendar

An original piece by abstract artist, Sally King Benedict, might be cost prohibitive for the art collector on your list, but luckily I’ve found a gift that I think they’ll enjoy almost as much.

Sally’s 2015 Calendar features 12 paintings which tear off into 5.5 x 7 post cards that can be mailed (or framed!) at the end of the month. Bonus!

I’m still kicking myself for not picking up one of her sweet little faces when I had the opportunity, but this calendar will definitely tide me over until I can have the real thing.


Absolutely Beautiful Things | The Pursuit of Style

Absolutely Beautiful Things: A Bright and Colourful Life on my bookshelf

For the past two years I’ve done gift guides based on personalities (see them all here) but as much as I love a good round-up, this year I’m feeling gift guided out–so many great guides have already been published, would I really be bringing something new to your inbox or just adding to the visual chaos? I wasn’t sure.

So, this year I’m shaking things up. I’ve edited down my picks to just one perfect present for every personality on your list. The crème de la crème. Because, let’s be honest: at this point, there’s no time left for indecision! We’ll kick things off with my perennial favorite (yes, I’m biased): The Decorator.

If I hadn’t already bought a copy for myself, Anna Spiro’s first book, Absolutely Beautiful Things: A Bright and Colourful Life, would be at the very top of my Christmas list. Her blog was the very first I ever read and I truly credit her for re-awakening my interest in interior design at a time when I was bored to tears attempting to follow a “serious” career path.

As one of my design idols, I’ve been secretly hoping Anna would author a book for years, and having read it from cover-to-cover I can say with authority that this color drenched tome did not disappoint! It’s available exclusively through Furbish Studio which will make it an even more covetable addition to any Decorator’s collection.


The Pursuit of Style

Ah, blue and white… has there ever been a more classic combination? I think not (although I’m admittedly biased, our wedding was blue & white!) These fantastic napkins in the prettiest shade of gray-blue were the jumping off point for today’s tablescape. Horn comes in a close second to my tortoise addiction so you know I’ll be buying these napkin rings.

I nixed formal china from our registry in a last minute freak out (too many patterns to choose from, was I picking the right one?!) but Hermes’ Chaine D’ancre is going on my short list when I finally get around to making a decision.

This bamboo serving set did stay on our registry, along with the corresponding flatware. I love that it can be dressed up or down and bamboo always seems to work with blue and white. Beautiful ribbed glassware and ginger jars filled with bunches of white blooms round out a timeless Thanksgiving table.