Welcome back to week four of the One Room Challenge! By now you know the drill, but if you’re just joining in, start here to follow along from week one. Confession: with just two weeks left I’m sweating just a tiny bit (especially after having been out of town for the past five days at High Point Market) but this is when the adrenaline junkie in me kicks in and it’s time to kick my type-A to-do list making personality into over drive. I secretly love it.

This point in the process is a waiting game. Everything has been ordered and is well underway and/or scheduled to be delivered–including the fantastic grasscloth wrapped nightstands I’ve been gushing about since week one. This week I thought we’d chat more about those nightstands while I (not so) patiently await the delivery of the headboard, custom sconce shades, and newly framed art later this week.

Ashley Whittaker DesignsGrasscloth inspiration c/o Ashley Whittaker

When we consolidated storage and decided on this eight drawer dresser I knew pairing nightstands would be a bit of a challenge. I’m not big on matchy-matchy bedroom sets and we needed to find something to compliment both the new walnut dresser and existing white lacquered pieces. Wood felt too heavy, more white too cold. We needed texture.

We also needed a lower shelf, drawer, and reasonable price point.  Retail options were unimpressive to say the least and I knew it was time to consider custom options. For our project, I envisioned a pair of Parsons style nightstands wrapped in a textural, sophisticated grasscloth.

This is where I’m going to let you in on a secret: Liven Up Design. I think when most people think about custom furniture they assume it will be cost prohibitive but that isn’t necessarily the case. Jenn and her husband create fantastic custom pieces ranging from grasscloth wrapped consoles and nightstands to fully upholstered x-benches right here in the USA at an incredibly competitive price point compared to mass market pieces.

Grasscloth Nightstands | Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Liven Up Design | One Room ChallengeOur custom grasscloth wrapped nightstands being fabricated.

I selected a beautiful peacock blue grasscloth wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries, and worked with Liven Up Design to finalize the dimensions to suit my clients’ needs and fit the space. Jenn is wonderful to work with: responsive, knowledgeable and genuinely excited about the process and their product.

Be sure to follow @livenupdesign on Insta for their latest creations–I’m always inspired! After seeing the progress shots of our nightstands being fabricated I’m even more excited to see these babies in real life!

One more potential update for this week… check out this gorgeous antique Turkish rug I snagged at High Point Market. Aren’t the colors just perfect for the master bedroom?! I’m thinking it could be amazing layered over the new sisal rug, but we’ll see how it looks this weekend!

Turkish Rug | Lindsay Speace Interior Design | One Room Challenge

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Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Whimsical KitchenPendants (to the trade) | Counter Stool | Carrara Marble | Moroccan Runner | Tile

My life will not be complete until I use these pendants above a kitchen island (or anywhere, really!) Will not be complete I tell you! I am in full on obsession mode so naturally the only thing to do to get these out of my system was a little daydream decorating.

I imagine the clients that inhabit this dreamy space as quick to laugh, the first to offer to host a dinner party, and chic in that laid back effortless way we all aspire towards. They get that this Moroccan runner in front of the sink just makes the room and their little one loves the colors. A charmed life for a charming space, no?

I’m heading down to High Point, NC tomorrow for Market (anyone else going?) and can’t wait to soak up all the inspiration and hopefully be introduced to some new vendors. I’m sure I’ll be over Instagramming so check in for some behind the scenes peeks!

Have a great weekend!


Welcome back to week three of the One Room Challenge–can you believe we’re halfway through? It’s time to start hustling! If you’re new (welcome!) or need a refresher, start here.

Last week we were in the weeds with floor plans and elevations which though important, are definitely not the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of so thanks for slogging through with me. This week I promised you pretty, and pretty you shall receive. Let’s talk about the design plan…

Hitting the sweet spot on this project was a little bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; we considered three design schemes, but only one was juust right. My clients are a young couple with roots in California and Tennessee, and I can definitely see influences of both places in their style which I’d describe as buttoned up boho–a more polished East Coast take on classic California cool–with a little bit of a rugged edge (think reclaimed wood and texture).


My clients wanted a calming space that also incorporated some masculine elements. With their shared love of the outdoors in mind, I began to pull together my first design scheme with Manuel Canovas’ Sark fabric with its graceful, painterly birds as my jumping off point.

Glitter Guide Marlien RentmeesterManuel Canovas’ Sark in the home of Marlien Rentmeester.

Drawing on my client’s woodworking hobby I selected a gray faux bois fabric for the headboard as a playful reference and repeated the grayed wood in the dresser and nightstand selections.

In a primarily tone on tone scheme I relied on form and texture by way of sculptural lamps, a metallic woven rug, and inlaid mirror for visual interest. A blue and white shibori pillow, abstract art, and large scale wave photograph added color and movement.

Lindsay Speace Interior Design | One Room ChallengeMy initial presentation.

The Verdict: Ultimately, we decided this scheme was a little too calming. Not quite a snooze fest, but lacking that punch we achieved in the other rooms of their home.

Lindsay Speace Interior Design | One Room Challenge


With a request for more color and my own personal mantra #beigeisboring in mind, I went back to the drawing board. My second scheme centered on John Robshaw’s Lanka which is a personal favorite and combines a lavender/gray with coral, yellow and cranberry.

Alex Kaehler DesignJohn Robshaw’s Lanka as seen in a project by Alexandra Kaehler.

To up the ante I mixed in a coral China Seas fabric, a plum Raoul, and vibrant green grasscloth to be used on a pair of custom nightstands.

The Verdict: A definite 180 from the first scheme, our second scheme might have over delivered on color.

Lindsay Speace Interior Design | One Room Challenge


With one design scheme too bland, and another too bright, it was time to find the one that was just right. William Yeoward’s Vignatella turned out to be the rabbit I pulled out of my hat–or in this case the fabric I happened to have in my bag for another client that was love at first sight!

Halcyon Hotel | Anna SPiroUpholstered walls in William Yeoward’s Vignatella at the Halcyon Hotel.

With the perfect headboard fabric selected the rest of the scheme fell into place quickly. I selected an oversize abstract which provides plenty of color to pull from and incorporate throughout the room. It will sit over a gorgeous walnut dresser which my clients wisely decided to invest more on than they had initially intended, but will be enjoying for years to come–modern day heirloom potential!

Brass swing arm sconces with custom green linen shades will flank the bed atop a pair of custom peacock blue grasscloth wrapped nightstands (more to come on these! Ahh I can’t wait!) and an inexpensive sisal rug will ground the space, and add texture.

Lindsay Speace Interior Design | One Room Challenge

The Verdict: ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Lindsay Speace Interior Design | One Room ChallengeSo there you have it, Goldilocks and the Three Design Schemes. One too light, one to bright, and one that was juust right! There’s a ton that’s still to be done, but I can’t wait to bring this to life over the next three weeks. What do you think, did we go with your favorite or would you have selected scheme one or two?

As always, you know where to find me until next time: Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! In the mean time, be sure to check in on the other participants below who are just killing it!


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Sara Ruffin Costello

Sara Ruffin Costello

Sara Ruffin Costello

Sara Ruffin Costello

Sara Ruffin Costello

Sara Ruffin Costello


Have you ever thought about who you’d invite to your fantasy dinner party? I was recently asked that question and honestly it had me a little stumped, but after revisiting the portfolio of Sara Ruffin Costello I think I’ve found my first invitee.

I’m sure I’d nerd out a bit because I’m such an admirer of Sara’s style, and her experience as founding creative director of Domino, co-author of The Domino Book of Decorating, and contributor to publications like T Magazine and Vogue is pretty damn impressive.

 I’ve had several of the photos above in my inspiration files for years but didn’t connect the dots that the West Village townhouse belonged to Sara. Amazing how good design always looks fresh no matter how many years have passed, right? Those Roberta Roller Rabbit window treatments paired with the Thonet chairs and pedestal table get my every time.

So, while we’re drafting up invitations, I’m curious: who’s on your fantasy dinner party invitation list?


It’s week two of the One Room Challenge and if you’re just joining for the first time today start here to get up to speed on the ORC and see the space I’ll be transforming over the next five weeks (eek!)

I’m working on a client’s space this time around, and I thought I’d walk you through my design process over the next five weeks in case you might be curious about what working with a designer is like (although of course each designer approaches things a little bit differently!) or maybe you aren’t sure where to start when tackling a project of your own–hopefully this will be helpful!

I like to think of design projects in three phases: Discovery, Design, and Execution. The Discovery phase is all about getting to know the client, the space, and determining the scope of work, budget, and project goals. My ultimate goal is to bring out the personality of my clients in my projects so I love this part of the process and really want to gain insight into their personal style, interests/hobbies, and how they live.

One of the first inspiration images I pulled for the project. Love those nailheads!

When I met with my clients to chat about their bedroom we talked about the atmosphere they wanted to achieve (which we’ll talk about more next week when I share the design schemes I presented) and last week I discussed the scope of work and took inventory of what will be staying and what needs to be purchased.

An inspiration photo my client shared with me.

With all of this information in hand we enter into phase two: Design. As tempting as it is to dive into the fun stuff like fabrics–which is absolutely my favorite part–the floor plan really is the foundation of the room and enables you to maximize space, functionality, and will inform most of your purchasing decisions.

So, let’s chat about the master bedroom’s floor plan. If you remember back to last week’s post this is the view looking into the room….

One Room Challenge Before | The Pursuit of Style

And here’s the new floor plan…

One Room Challenge | Bedroom Floor Plan | Lindsay Speace Interior DesignWith just one small closet in the room storage is definitely a priority. The existing closet system and dresser work well for my clients and for budget considerations it made sense to work with them rather than replace.

Because they are large pieces, our floor plan options were somewhat limited. Initially I did consider replacing the dresser with a second closet system, however, because of the soffit containing the HVAC it would create an awkward unusable corner and block the register.

The biggest opportunity I saw was to replace my clients two small existing dressers with one larger eight drawer dresser which though an investment, will transition with them when they eventually move into a larger home. The elevation below shows how this new piece will be positioned on the wall across from the bed.

One Room Challenge | Bedroom Elevation | Lindsay Speace Interior DesignA large abstract print will be easy on the eyes to wake up to in the morning and the surface area gained from the larger piece enabled us to add two petite table lamps helping solve our lighting issue. Consolidating the storage pieces also opened up floor space for a mirror (inspiration below!) to be leaned against the wall in between the closet and entry to the room.

This brass floor mirror might be a DIY!

Other changes: an 8′ x 10′ rug is a more appropriate size for the room but still showcases the original parquet floors my clients love, and larger nightstands will be in scale with the new custom headboard we’re having fabricated and balance out the adjacent larger pieces.

So that’s where we’re at here in week two! This was a long one so if you’ve made it through you’re a saint! Next week we’re diving into my favorite part and I’ll be sharing the three design schemes I presented.

As always, follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more behind the scenes peeks in weeks to come!


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