Pizza Beach | NYC

Pizza Beach | NYC

Pizza Beach | NYC

Pizza Beach | NYC

The eve of a holiday weekend seemed like all too appropriate occasion to share this new-to-me NYC eatery, Pizza Beach. Because what could be more American than pizza in New York and the red, white, and blue?

Inspired by a 90s-retro beachside café Pizza Beach is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of. Blue and white checkered Cuban cement tile floors, red Tolix chairs, and large scale beach photographs bring a little bit of Miami to Manhattan. I can’t vouch for the pizza, but I’d go for the scenery alone.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and most importantly, my eternal respect and gratitude to those that have lost their lives keeping us safe and free.


Lindsay Speace Interior DesignPendant | Chair & Ottoman | Coffee Table | Pillow | Rug

Things that need to happen: this room. I’ve been having a full blown love affair with Missoni Home (the only form of chevron I can tolerate these days) which, of course, led to a little daydream decorating. I imagine this client to an editor–or maybe she’s in PR–regardless, her fashion game is fierce and her home needs to reflect that cool girl chic.

Kelly Wearstler’s new collection for Visual Comfort debuted at Market and I’m all about this urchin chandelier. A vintage Platner chair is on my fantasy finds list–ideally I find a pair at a garage sale for $50 and contain my freak out just until I get those babies into the car. You know, typical design dork daydreams.

In my opinion this is the perfect lucite coffee table. The brass accents? Yessss. A pair of Missoni pillows adorn the white tuxedo sofa because this client is the type of gal who will keep that pristine–she always eats out. A Madeline Weinrib rug is a no brainer, the print might as well be a DVF wrap dress and she’s all about the mix.

 Let’s make this happen, okay?


Steven Gambrel | Domino

Carolina Baez | Elle Decor

Peter Dunham | House Beautiful

Apartment Therapy

Miles Redd

I’m starting a campaign for pink walls. They’ve been confined to little girls’ rooms for far too long and it’s time we joined together and advocated on their behalf. Let’s free them from the saccharine and let them live up to their full potential!

In all seriousness, when done right, a pink room is just about the height of chic in my opinion. So, how do you do it right? Well, get ready to paint a bunch of sample boards because getting the right shade for your space and your light is key.

Once you’ve found the golden ticket it’s all about layering. Big swaths of bold color on the wall can be overwhelming, so your fabric, lighting, and accessory choices are important. You want to keep the eye traveling.

One last tip: add a touch of black. It’s grounding, provides a foil to pink’s inherent femininity, and ups the sophistication factor. What do you think, on board yet?




Sam Allen Interiors | LCDQLA Legends

Sam Allen Interiors | LCDQLA Legends

Sam Allen Interiors | LCDQLA Legends

Sam Allen Interiors | LCDQLA Legends

I’ve been unabashedly stalking photos from last week’s La Cinega Design Quarter Legends events in California and thought y’all needed to see this space designed by interior design wunderkind Sam Allen Interiors.

Sam has been designing insanely inspiring spaces since he was sixteen. Yes, sixteen. When I was sixteen I was wholeheartedly convinced fame and fortune awaited me as an attorney… funny how things work out.

Anyway, I’ve been devouring Sam’s peeks via Instagram and adore his orange and blue color palette inspired from a collection of Imari porcelain. Orange and blue are my college colors, and (perhaps because of one-too-many orange and blue emblazoned pieces of paraphanelia) a combination I’ve never been inclined to think of as inherently chic, but consider my tune changed.

The Suzanne Rheinstein for Lee Jofa fabric shown on the arm chair is an all time favorite and one I’m further committed to using in a project (who’s up for it?!) and don’t even get me started on that skirted table with bullion fringe- very Daniel Romouldez for Tory Burch and I love it.

It’s been far too long since I’ve been out to California (although we do have a trip planned this summer!) so I’m just throwing this out there to the Universe to make it happen– next year I need to make it out to this event. Even better, in the next five years how amazing would it be to design a window of my own? Dream big and make it happen, Universe!


The Pursuit of Style | Desk

Just popping in to say a heart felt thank you for all of your kind comments and emails about yesterday’s One Room Challenge reveal! The truth is, being a small business owner is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. So incredibly rewarding, but also all consuming and with those inevitable moments of isolation and feelings of self doubt.

For every beautiful photoshoot day there are about a hundred not so glamorous days (ironically like yesterday’s marathon 6:00am to 9:00pm accounting sesh!) but taking this leap has been my proudest accomplishment and I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to let you know just how much your words of support mean to this ol’ sap.

I can’t imagine anything I’d love doing more, so cheers to embracing the days with left over photoshoot flowers decorating my desk, right along with the days of pushed backorder dates, damaged items, and constantly wondering why an accounting course wasn’t a requirement in college, but Bio was! 😉

P.S anyone else feel bad about snubbing carnations when they were younger? They’re kind of like the boy we didn’t want to date in high school: ended up being kind of sweet and stuck around a hell of a lot longer than the showoffs (I’m looking at you ranunculus!)