Three weeks post-Paris and I think it’s about time I got a blog post up, don’t you? Hitting publish after a hiatus always seems so daunting so let’s tear the band-aid off with a mish mash of all the things I keep saying to myself “I really need to blog about that…”


After burning out on business books around New Years (could I be more cliché?) I’ve been craving lighter, less motivational reads. I’ve been so disappointed by best sellers recently (Sweetbitter, The Girls, Truly Madly Guilty, Beautiful Ruins…Anyone else with me?) I wanted to share a few easy reads that I haven’t seen recommended nearly enough.

  •  The Thousandth Floorthink Gossip Girl meets Star Trek (except no aliens and set in New York, so basically just in the future.)
  • The Hopefulsif you’ve ever lived in DC you’ll get a kick out of this one. Jennifer Close captured some of the more eye roll inducing aspects of the Washington political scene and all of its characters perfectly!
  • The After Party & The Swans of Fifth Avenue–I unintentionally went on a 1950s marathon and read these back to back (followed up by Valley of the Dolls, what a streak!) Big hair, big jewels, big drama.


If I learned anything from my first Spring/Summer in North Carolina last year, it’s that I desperately need to upgrade my warm weather wardrobe. I’ve been picking up a piece here and there so hopefully I’m a bit better prepared. A few favorites:


I’ve been so busy with client work I haven’t had much creative bandwidth to focus on our home, but after a few 75 degree days I’m turning my attention to our patio where I know we’ll be spending much of the Spring. I snagged a vintage Russell Woodard spun fiberglass settee and chair last fall, but if I hadn’t, I’d be all over this outdoor furniture collection – so good!

Next up on the to-do list is reupholstering the seat cushions and picking up a pair of garden stools. Not quite design related, but I’m considering getting Garrett a grill for his upcoming 30th–is the Big Green Egg as great as everyone says? Would love your thoughts as I’m admittedly out of my depth on this one. 😉


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I’m feeling especially grateful as I reflect back on where we were just a year ago today–surrounded by moving boxes in a characterless apartment in a brand new city that didn’t quite feel like home–but still celebrating with family who didn’t mind.

We’ve put down roots and Raleigh has become our home, but most importantly we’re joined again by family (their first visit to the new house!) who are all happy and healthy.

I’m thankful to the clients who have invited me into their homes and allowed me to continue to do what I love each day, and thankful to you for your kind words of encouragement no matter how long I’ve stayed away from this space.

I hope your day is filled with love, laughter, and an extra slice of pie.
Happy Thanksgiving!



Antiqued Mirror Backsplash

Gracias Madre | LA

Antiqued Mirror Backsplash

Antiqued Mirror Backsplash Tiles

In an effort to be a better blogger I thought I’d start sharing more of the inspiration behind the projects I’m currently working on. I wish it could be before & afters all day over here, but the truth is it takes a long time for a project to be photoshoot ready. Hopefully this will be a good way to share where my head is at throughout the design process.

One design concept I just presented and am really excited about moving forward with, is an antique mirrored backsplash. My clients are building their forever home just outside of Raleigh, and in the interim will be moving into a one bedroom future guest suite on the property.

Downsizing from their current home to a one bedroom will be an adjustment, and I’m planning to pull out all my tricks to make the new space as functional and spacious (even if it’s an illusion) as possible. Their kitchen is open to the living room, and while considering backsplash options I immediately latched onto the idea of antiqued mirror.

Mirrored backsplashes are not something you see done often, with the exception of perhaps bar areas, but when done well they’re so impactful. Truthfully, I would only recommend a mirrored backsplash in a very specific kitchen and this one happens to fit the bill. Just like a mirror on your wall, a mirrored backsplash will create the illusion of more space and bounce light around the room. Exactly what we need in this smaller space!

To keep things from getting too glam, I suggested an antiqued finish which will not only provide an amazing patina, but also mask the inevitable finger prints and water spots. Form and function – check! Above are a few of the design concept example photos I pulled for our presentation – you may recognize the second photo from Gracias Madre – a restaurant I’ve posted about in the past.

I’ll never abandon my love for a classic subway tile, but I’m so excited to have the opportunity to do something a little different.



Before we usher in 2016, I wanted to take a moment to remember the highlights of 2015 because it’s felt like a big one for me. I love having these posts as mini time capsules to remind myself of just how far I’ve come–especially when it feels like there’s still so far to go.

In my New Year’s post last year I wrote that 2014 had been “a building year for me; laying the foundation for the goals I hope to bring to fruition over the next year.” I know well enough that the “building” will never be done, but I like to think I laid a solid foundation this year and have undoubtedly made some big changes.

We started off the New Year still coming off the high of our October wedding. After working for others while juggling client work I decided in February it was time to bet on myself. I opened the doors to my own business and was thrilled to have one of my first projects featured on Domaine.

In April I took you behind the scenes of a project from start to finish in the One Room Challenge (which got a nod on the House Beautiful blog!) I attended High Point Market for the first time as a business owner and visited the Traditional Home/Junior League of High Point showhouse (recapped here and here), which is still one of the best I’ve seen. So much talent!

Summer brought family time on Cape Cod, preparations for a client’s backyard soiree, a trip to LA, and geeking out at my design idol’s store. We can’t wait to get back to the West Cost for a wedding this June.

Summer came to a close with some big news–we were moving to Raleigh! We scrambled to find an apartment over Labor Day weekend and by October 1st we were in our new home.

Seven days later we were in South Africa for what I know will be one of the most memorable trips of our lifetime–full recap (finally) to come. The day before our departure, Domino featured a favorite project which was the perfect send off to vacation

After returning from our trip, it was time to acclimate to life in Raleigh. We’ve felt so welcomed and enjoyed showing my family our new city over Thanksgiving. I travelled back to DC monthly for client projects I can’t wait to share, and have been thrilled to take on new clients in Raleigh (my heart explodes for this nursery!)

Of course the year wasn’t without its lows, losing my grandmother in October chief among them, and on a much lesser note, losing most of our security deposit on our old place thanks to a leaky fiddle leaf fig tree planter (so ridiculous I can only laugh!)

Overall, 2015 felt like the year things finally started to fall into place–especially when I remember this post from just a few years ago. I have big dreams for 2016 and wish you all health, happiness, and prosperity!


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My family and I are off to explore Raleigh today, but I did take a peek at some of the Black Friday sales last night while fighting through an epic bourbon pecan pie induced food coma.

I’ll be hitting up my usual spots for everyone on my Christmas list (here, here, & here – I’m very predictable!) but I wanted to share a few sales I’ve been stalking for home goods in case you’re working the ol’ two for you, one for me game plan.

The Pursuit of Style | Pillows

Floral Pillow | Ikat Pillow
Ikat Pillow | Fern Pillow 

Furbish Studio: 20% off site wide

Lulu & Georgia: shop more save more – up to 30% off

The Pursuit of Style | Accessories

Nude Tray | Cocktail Napkins | NY Mug | Birkin Book Set

Waiting on Martha: 20% off site wide 

Bone Inlay Chest

Bone Inlay Dresser*

Anthropologie:  20% off site wide

*I’ve had my eye on a bone inlay piece for years. This is my ultimate wish list item!