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I’ll probably say this every time, because I’m fickle like that, but I think my latest wallpaper crush is the best one yet. Meet Galileo Glass by Eskayel.

I like to think of it as a really really chic Rorschach test. It’s a little bit boho, but surprisingly works just as well in a more buttoned up space like the Southampton study designed by Carrier and Co. shown in the first photo.

A bit of a chameleon, right? Style maven Taylor Tomasi Hill also used the paper in the entryway of her Chelsea home and if I weren’t already obsessed, her sign off is as good as a gold star in my book.



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I realized this morning that I have nary a green item in my closet, but as my Pinterest boards quickly showed me, it’s certainly not a color I shy away from in interior design.

Ashley Whittaker | Entry

This entryway designed by NYC based interior designer, Ashley Whittaker, is my idea of perfection. Not only does it feature the number one item on my dream home wish list–hand painted chinoiserie wallpaper–there’s also a healthy dose of blue and white, a pretty amazing Greek key border around those beautiful herringbone floors and I’m spotting a peek of Le Tigre in the background.
Check, check, check!

Dodie Thayer | Tory Burch

When I’m antiquing I always keep my out for Dodie Thayer’s iconic lettuceware and thus far I’ve been unsuccessful in my hunt. Tory Burch hinted at a collaboration with the famed ceramicist in her book: Tory Burch in Color and I’ve been excited about the possibility ever since.

Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch has officially launched and it was worth the wait! I was also pleasantly surprised by the price point. Wouldn’t it be perfect for an Easter table setting? My wheels are spinning…

Celerie Kemble | Dominican Republic

Celerie Kemble | Dominican Republic

Further cementing Celerie Kemble among my design idols is one of her latest projects: a Dominican Republic retreat for family and friends named Playa Grande Beach Club. I mean how cool is that?!

Kemble worked on the project for ten years and employed local craftsmen, artisans, and a historic preservationist to bring her vision to life. Delicate hand cut fretwork, a color palette reminiscent of a box of Ladurée macarons, and flourishes of whimsy combine to create a retreat that just begs for sandy feet and a hell of a lot of fun!



Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Bedroom

Hello, hello! Long time no blog. I did a mini social media detox last week–no blogging, no Insta–which to be honest was mainly due to a lack of planning on my part, but rather than stress out about finding something to share I decided to roll with it. Once I got past the urge to reach for my phone and mindlessly scroll every ten minutes it was kind of great.

 We finally got started on our goal of trying a new (to us) restaurant that we’re excited about every month and had our first date night at Rasika. We both left our phones at home which sounds so ridiculously simple but can weirdly be a little anxiety provoking–only making me realize how much I need to cut that cord! Anyway, I found that disconnecting from distractions enabled me to better connect with the important things i.e the person in front of me at the dinner table. Shocking, I know.

I spent the weekend in Raleigh catching up with girlfriends from college and that plus my step back from social media has me feeling re-energized and ready to jump into a new week. When I came home I decided it was time for an impromptu bedroom refresh. I tore down the curtains that have been driving me crazy and shifted our nightstand to make room for some desperately needed storage now that our bedroom needs to serve double duty as an office when I’m working from home.

Spending more time at home has definitely led me to be more critical of our existing furniture and I think it’s time for a change. Any designer will tell you that they are their own worst client so we’ll see how this goes!


The Pursuit of Style

There’s nothing I love more than an unexpected color combination and I didn’t have to look farther than my desk to find inspiration for this one: orchid and emerald.

It started with the arrival of my nude (in case you were curious, yelling: “My nude is here!” at the communal mailboxes will, in fact, incite side eyes and judgment from your neighbors) and the latest edition of Domino kept the trend going.

A China Seas fabric I’m currently obsessed with rounds things out quite nicely. Such a happy departure from the winter wonderland outside my window.

Have a great weekend!


McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

Have you seen this project by McGrath 2 featured in The New York Times last week? I haven’t met the mother-daughter design duo in person, but I’ve followed their blog for years and have a well worn copy of their book: Good Bones, Great Pieces on my bookshelf so I had second hand excitement for them when I saw the feature.

The Brooklyn home is owned by a young family with strong New Orleans roots and the McGraths were tasked with creating a home filled with antiques and high quality furniture that would be appropriate for a home with history and could be one day passed along to the clients’ daughter–I couldn’t love that sentiment more!

One more thing that had me developing a client crush? The email the homeowner initially sent the McGraths describing her style by way of preference in pairings. I.E: “Art Nouveau not Art Deco; serifs not sans-serifs; Manet, not Monet; the Frick, not MoMA; Truffaut, not Godard; autumn, not summer.”

The client rounded out her request with a statement that secured her place in my heart: “If I were going to live in an imaginary house,” she wrote, “I would want it to be designed by Wes Anderson.” Wouldn’t we all?

I’d say the McGraths were successful, wouldn’t you? Read the full story in the NYT here.

P.S for fun, if you were to describe your style like the McGraths clients what would you say?