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This week got away from me on the blog front, but the morning light and leftover photoshoot flowers (sneak a peek on Insta) inspired me to clean up the tennis ball fuzz from the rug (pulling off the fuzz is our golden retriever Brody’s favorite thing – weirdo, right?) and snap a pic.

I can’t remember if I’ve shared photos since I painted our walls lavender on a whim last year, but it’s cozied things up so much. The color is Benjamin Moore Lavender Mist in case you’re curious. I’ve found that the key to keeping pastels from being too Easter Egg-y is to off-set them with a healthy dose of saturated color and punctuate with gray or black to up the sophistication.

I’m too lazy to commit to a link round-up every week, but always love reading them on other blogs. I found a few great things this week that I wanted to share–just don’t hold me to it regularly 😉

Because we’re all addicted: 

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The case for investing in quality design:

Couldn’t agree more with Sally’s thoughts and cost/use perspective!

Love her, or hate her, she’s building an empire and it’s pretty fascinating:

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Have a great weekend!


Bermuda Wedding | Easton Events
Bermuda Wedding | Easton Events
Bermuda Wedding | Easton Events
Bermuda Wedding | Easton Events
Bermuda Wedding | Easton Events
Bermuda Wedding | Easton Events

Continuing with last week’s theme of inspiring people, places, and spaces, I had to share this Bermuda wedding planned by the talented team at Easton Events. The entire affair looked magical, but the invitation suite and coordinating ceremony and reception materials are on another level!

The stationery was designed and illustrated by one of my very favorite artists, Happy Menocal. I bought a print from Happy’s matador series for our first apartment 5 years ago and it’s probably one of the very few things that has transitioned with us from that time of questionable style decisions!  

I can only imagine how giddy the couple’s guests must have been upon receiving such a beautiful mailer. I likely would have considered framing those amazing palm fronds, but at the very least, this suite would be occupying a prominent place on my inspiration board!

I have a feeling the bride and I must be kindred spirits, because if I were to re-do our wedding on an island with a more tropical climate than Martha’s Vineyard, I would want it to look exactly like this.


The Pursuit of Style | beach bag

bag | bikini | towel |  espadrilles (similar)

Once my birthday has passed, I’m always acutely aware of how few summer days are actually left. After undergoing renovations for the entirety of June & July (talk about poor planning!) the pool in our complex has finally re-opened and I’ve been making up for lost time ever since.

Growing up, we always had a mishmash of LL Bean boat & totes around the house, but until I picked up this one at the beginning of the season I had forgotten how perfect they really are. Originally I planned to use it for trips to the Design Center, but as un-chic as this might make me, I’ve found myself reaching for it daily. Inexpensive and indestructible–what more can you ask for?

Pool time is also when I tackle the stack of magazines I’ve inevitably let litter every surface of our apartment. I think the cover of the summer issue of Conde Nast Traveler is especially chic (it’s since made its way to my inspiration board) and I was excited to see a great little write up about the Halcyon House which I’ve posted about.

This week I’m excited to be finalizing a few presentations and photographing a beautiful blue and white dining room I can’t wait to share with you! Here’s to soaking up every last bit of summer we have left!

29 for 29

Today is my 29th birthday – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling just the tiniest bit freaked out about leaving my “20 something” years behind me, but from what I’ve heard, your 30s are really where it’s at! Years ago I wrote and shared 26 goals for my 26th year which was a lot of fun so I thought I’d give it another go for 29.

Dinner with Jackson Pollock

Some are frivolous (#12) and some are pretty major (#10) but I’ve come to be a big believer in writing it down to make it happen so let’s see how many of these I’m able to manifest before the big 3-0 next year!

Cheers to making every day count.

P.S I’d love to hear what’s on your list (birthday or not) in the comments!


1.    grow my business and continue to do what I love

2.    practice meditation regularly

3.    send more snail mail

4.    volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about

5.    stop comparing… seriously, stop.

6.    find ways to be a better friend, sister, daughter & wife

7.    have a project featured in a national publication

8.    design and manufacture that product I keep thinking about…

9.    cook at home for one month

10.  buy our first home (or move somewhere that feels like home)

11.   unplug earlier and often


12.  take a flower arranging class

13.  upgrade to grown up luggage

14.  get serious about skincare

15.  add a new original piece of artwork to our collection

16.  invest in a classic to last the next 29 years

17.   learn how to needlepoint

18.  have personal stationery made

19.  read a book about wine


20.  run a half marathon

21.  take a solo trip

22.  master my Nana’s Portuguese cookie recipe

23.  take sailing lessons with Garrett

24.  do something that scares me

25.  hike Table Mountain in South Africa

26.  visit a new state

27.  visit a new country

28.  complete my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge

29.  plan an epic 30th birthday trip with friends


Casa Tua | Miami

Casa Tua | Miami

Casa Tua | Miami

I’ve been to Florida dozens of times, but somehow haven’t spent longer than a layover in Miami. After recently discovering Casa Tua the destination has shot much farther up my to-visit list.

The Mediterranean style villa is an oasis from–what I imagine to be–the frenetic pace of South Beach and I’m feeling especially inspired by its decor.

There’s a bit of a British colonial meets laid back island vibe that reminds me of India Hicks’ home on Harbour Island (one of my all-time favorite interiors!) or maybe even the dining room at The Dunmore. Anyone else seeing it?

Regardless, Casa Tua has completely charmed me. So much so, that I felt inspired to pull together a few pieces to re-create the look. You can never go wrong with blue and white stripes… Or a hint of animal print… Or this book for styling!

Inspired by Casa Tua | The Pursuit of Style

 Photographs |MirrorLamp | Pillows | CoralChairs | Book

P.S this song was stuck in my head the entire time I was writing this post, and with my birthday coming up on Friday I’m officially feeling old!