US Botanic Gardens | The Pursuit of Style

I’d venture to guess that if you’re on the East Coast you’re just about done with the cold–and if you’re in Boston you’re definitely done with the snow!

I’ve posted about the US Botanic Gardens before, but a visit has become somewhat of a winter tradition. It’s one of DC’s hidden gems and the perfect escape when you’re craving some warmth but an exotic escape isn’t in the cards.

Thankfully, a bit of sunshine is in my future. I’ll be spending the week in Florida and am equally excited to hit the Dixie Coast highway and do some antiquing (if you have any tips please send them my way!) as I am to ensconce myself under a cabana with a pile of books–I’m currently reading The Girl on the Train and can’t put it down! Definitely has a Gone Girl vibe.

P.S be sure to check back tomorrow for some exciting news I can’t wait to share with you!

<3 YOU

Grays Lane

Ruthie Sommers

Rita Konig

You know what I’m not loving? The fact that the U, T, and Y keys mysteriously stopped working on my keyboard. Thank god for the Genius Bar because I quickly realized you can’t get too far without good old U, T, and Y!

Anyway, on to what I am loving: Valentine’s Day. It’s right around the corner, and as polarizing of a holiday as it seems to be, I’ve always taken a broader view and taken it as an opportunity to shower everyone in my life, romantic or otherwise, with a little love.

In the spirit of pink and candy hearts, here are three appropriately themed bedrooms. You just can’t go wrong with D. Porthault ever, and Coeurs is one of their most iconic patterns–equally at home in a little girls room by Ruthie Sommers as in Rita Konig’s bedroom.




Twin Farms | Vermont

Twin Farms | Vermont

Twin Farms | Vermont

Twin Farms | Vermont

They say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em and the more I’ve indulged in virtual escapism this week, the colder and more cutting the winds seem to have gotten. So, let’s try a different tactic… Embracing winter with a virtual getaway to quite possibly the chicest resort in Vermont: Twin Farms.

A fortuitous pin lead me to discover the five star resort, located unassumingly in Barnard, Vermont, just a short 3 hour drive from Boston or 5 hours from New York City. The muraled foyer and idyllic setting drew me in, but what sold me is the completely unexpected and fabulously whimsical Moroccan themed Meadow cottage.

Conde Nast Traveler UK put it best, describing the room as: “sort of Arabian Nights fantasy with tented ceilings and Persian rugs.” I happen to be on a tented ceiling kick, and with our trip to Morocco in October quickly approaching I could not be more obsessed with this cottage.

Twin Farms is undeniably an aspirational getaway, but its unique inclusive experience and promise of exceeding your expectations makes it one to put on the bucket list. At any rate, I’d have an excuse to break out my Sorels!

Stay warm and have a great weekend!


Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo
Surrounded Islands | Christo

In high school we had an all-school meeting every Friday. The headmaster and head of school spoke, there was some form of entertainment, and for the most part I wasn’t very attentive; however, I do remember watching a documentary on Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Central Park installation: The Gates.

In continuation of Monday’s mission to bring a little color to the notoriously gray days of February, I bring you my latest inspiration–the Surrounded Islands project for Biscayne Bay–which, I was thrilled to discover, was executed by none other than Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

So here’s the deal, in the early 80s Christo and Jeanne Claude surrounded eleven islands in Biscayne Bay with 6.5 million square feet of floating pink fabric as a work of art “underlining the various elements and ways in which the people of Miami live, between land and water.”

These photos make me deliriously happy. I will never be able to resist a good shot of hot pink. I’d love to blow up the last photo to a ridiculous size and have it framed in lucite for my future office. That needs to happen, right?

Not only is it artistically inspiring, but I imagine there were a hell of a lot of critics saying it was silly, couldn’t happen (insert typical naysayer response here), etc. But, Christo and Jeanne-Claude made it happen.
Even more reason I need that framed print…


The Pursuit of Style

For me, it’s always right around February when winter starts to lose its charm and becomes more of a slow slog until spring. The holidays are over, I’m sick of boots and sweaters, and I could really use a little bit of color.

Thankfully, I’m headed down to Florida in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to trading gray skies and my black and gray all-day winter wardrobe for a more colorful lifestyle.

As monochromatic as my closet’s been looking lately, my projects are anything but. I rooted for the Pats in spirit, but in reality my Superbowl Sunday was spent searching for the perfect shade of coral to pair with Farrow & Ball’s iconic Hague Blue.

Throw in that chartreuse tape trim and I’ll meet you in Palm Beach.
Like I’ve been saying… beige is boring.