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I read a great book review yesterday and this quote from the book really resonated with me: “Some people find this moment—before creativity begins—so painful that they simply cannot deal with it. They get up and walk away from the computer, the canvas, the keyboard; they take a nap or go shopping or fix lunch or do chores around the house. They procrastinate. In its most extreme form, this terror totally paralyzes people.

Before I begin a new project there’s always that little bit of fear mixed in with the excitement and that nagging voice inside my head saying: “Do you really think you can do this?” It can be paralyzing if you let it, but it can also be incredibly motivating. When something scares me I know I’m being pushed outside of my comfort zone and that I can only grow from the experience. The key is pushing past the fear and going all in.

I just started a new project that initially gave me that anxious/excited feeling. It’s a bachelor pad and there’s a lot of work to be done, but that just means the end result will be that much more rewarding and the transformation even more striking. The first step I take in any project is to getting to know my client. Getting a feel for their personality, interests, and lifestyle are so important to me. Ultimately I want all of my projects to be a reflection of their owners–just seen through my lens.

Next step is canvassing for inspiration. Finding that one image/fabric/piece of art/rug, etc. (it really could be anything!) that serves as the jumping off point is key. I just moved past that phase and into the actual design conceptualization so I thought I’d share where my head’s at with this one… Smokey blue-grey walls, black lacquer, a mix of traditional and modern, moss green velvet, and handsome wallpaper are all coming to the party.

I’m willing to bet this bachelor isn’t going to be single for long once we make this magic happen, am I right?



Bridesmaids | The Pursuit of Style

Bridesmaids | The Pursuit of Style

Bridesmaids | The Pursuit of Style

It’s been awhile since I shared any wedding updates so in the spirit of “wedding Wednesday” (which don’t worry, I won’t be making a weekly thing) I thought I’d share one of the biggest items I’ve crossed off my to-do list: asking my bridesmaids! All of the planning just didn’t feel real until I could share the experience with my closest friends and I think I was probably half as nervous/excited asking as Garrett was proposing.

We decided to keep the wedding party small–just four groomsmen/bridesmaids respectively. I had hoped to plan a special brunch and ask everyone together, but with four bridesmaids in four states, the logistics proved to be too tricky. Thankfully, some well-timed visits allowed me to ask all but one bridesmaid in person.

In the end, I kept things pretty simple. I picked up these paper doll cards (adorable, but don’t allow much room for a note so if you’re long winded like me, you’ll want to include another piece of stationery), a tongue in cheek notepad from Rifle Paper, some knot earrings (my attempt at being clever), and bottles of Veuve which I totally admit to buying for the pretty packaging. Marketer’s dream, right here.

I happened to have coordinating tissue paper in the mess of wrapping supplies stashed oh-so-glamorously under our bed and some extra Greek key ribbon to finish things off. I popped everything in gift bags, crossed my fingers that everyone would say yes, and thankfully they did! So there you have it, the start of what I happen to think is the best bridal party a girl could ask for.

P.S I still need to ask our flower girl and ring bearer. Any cute ideas? Hoping to make it fun for them as well! 


Bunny Mellon Townhouse | NYC

Bunny Mellon Townhouse | NYC

Bunny Mellon Townhouse | NYC

Bunny Mellon Townhouse | NYC

Bunny Mellon Townhouse | NYC


Bunny Mellon, second wife of the late Paul Mellon, passed away yesterday at the age of 103. As a philanthropist, avid horticulturalist and botanist (Jacqueline Kennedy tapped her to design the White House Rose Garden and her Oak Spring Garden Library is one of the largest collections of horticultural books and manuscripts in the world!), Mellon will be remembered for far more than the scandal that dragged the famously private heiress into the spotlight in recent years.

I for one, will be remembering her for her immense contributions to my own design inspiration. The photos above are of her Upper East Side townhouse which was put on the market in Fall 2013. It’s hard to imagine such a palatial home smack dab in the middle of NYC, right? I’d also recommend this 2010 Vanity Fair tour of her Virginia estate, Oak Spring Gardens.

Rest in peace Bunny, and thank you for a lifetime of inspiration.



The Pursuit of Style

Confession time: the book situation in our apartment has gotten so ridiculous I’ve actually started making end tables out of the poor homeless books that couldn’t fit on our shelves. Has that stopped me from ordering more books? Not a chance. I’ve got this and this in my Amazon cart as we speak.

The silver lining to my questionable “furniture” choices is that I know have the perfect perch for my new Cody Hoyt planter which I adore. We haven’t had much success with plants around these parts, but I’m going to try my best with this little hypoestes because I just can’t bear to see those pretty pink and green leaves turn brown.

May the odds be ever in its favor!

Photo by Lindsay Souza for The Pursuit of Style


The Pursuit of StyleIkea Stockholm Sofa | Teil Duncan Nude | Bungalow 5 Malachite Side Table | Bauble Bar Necklace | Serena & Lily Gobi Sheet Set | Amber Interiors Shoppe Fig Leaf Pillow

Green is typically not a color I dress or decorate with, but after spotting this green velvet Ikea sofa (yes, Ikea!!) I made a silent vow to change my ways. It seems only appropriate to be turning over this new leaf (four leaf clover, perhaps?) just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

I really don’t know why I haven’t embraced green sooner when there are so many fantastic options like the ones above. I’m keeping this malachite side table on the back burner for a future home, but will definitely be headed over to the Teil Duncan pop-up shop today at 10:00AM to try and snag one of her nudes.

Or maybe a beach scene might be a better choice since we already have this pretty lady by Jenna Snyder Phillips in the mix. Not sure how many nudes you’re allowed before it becomes a brothel!