The Pursuit of Style

There’s nothing I love more than an unexpected color combination and I didn’t have to look farther than my desk to find inspiration for this one: orchid and emerald.

It started with the arrival of my nude (in case you were curious, yelling: “My nude is here!” at the communal mailboxes will, in fact, incite side eyes and judgment from your neighbors) and the latest edition of Domino kept the trend going.

A China Seas fabric I’m currently obsessed with rounds things out quite nicely. Such a happy departure from the winter wonderland outside my window.

Have a great weekend!


McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

McGrath 2 | Brooklyn Home

Have you seen this project by McGrath 2 featured in The New York Times last week? I haven’t met the mother-daughter design duo in person, but I’ve followed their blog for years and have a well worn copy of their book: Good Bones, Great Pieces on my bookshelf so I had second hand excitement for them when I saw the feature.

The Brooklyn home is owned by a young family with strong New Orleans roots and the McGraths were tasked with creating a home filled with antiques and high quality furniture that would be appropriate for a home with history and could be one day passed along to the clients’ daughter–I couldn’t love that sentiment more!

One more thing that had me developing a client crush? The email the homeowner initially sent the McGraths describing her style by way of preference in pairings. I.E: “Art Nouveau not Art Deco; serifs not sans-serifs; Manet, not Monet; the Frick, not MoMA; Truffaut, not Godard; autumn, not summer.”

The client rounded out her request with a statement that secured her place in my heart: “If I were going to live in an imaginary house,” she wrote, “I would want it to be designed by Wes Anderson.” Wouldn’t we all?

I’d say the McGraths were successful, wouldn’t you? Read the full story in the NYT here.

P.S for fun, if you were to describe your style like the McGraths clients what would you say?


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Capiz Shell Chandelier

Friends, we’ve made it through February which feels like more than half the battle. In the spirit of blue sky days ahead of us (fingers crossed!) here’s a peek at a project I’m currently wrapping up.

This over sized capiz shell pendant is going to be even prettier when it’s framed by the window treatments we’ll be installing in a few weeks. When it comes to waiting for the good stuff I’m definitely more impatient than any of my clients!


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | BedroomArt | Lamp | Fabric | Pillow | Rug | Nightstand

You know what happens when you gloat about 80 degree weather while everyone else is suffering through yet another snow storm? Karma comes around and knocks you on your butt in the form of a nasty cold! So, that’s what I’ve been up to…

On the plus side, working “from bed” is decidedly comfier (I’m promising myself I will not let this become a habit!) and slowing down gave me a chance to do some daydream decorating.

I pulled together the bedroom above with a teenage girl in mind, but honestly I wouldn’t mind resting my head here either. Picture a headboard and bed skirt in China Seas’ Java Grande paired with Biscuit bedding.

These tasseled nightstands are everything and I can’t wait to find a project to use them. The simple, sculptural lamp is a new favorite, and–in my opinion–you just can’t go wrong with a striped rug.

The art, of course, is what makes the space. If I could make one decorating plea it would be to beseech you to invest in art. Find an artist you absolutely love–even if it means saving for awhile–and bring some beauty into your life. I promise you won’t regret it!

On the topic of art, are there any new artists you’re loving lately? I’m currently having a moment for Natasha Law.