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What do you do when you wake up at 5:00AM and can’t fall back asleep? Go for a run? #nope. Recommit yourself to reviving your much neglected blog, of course! So, hello. I’m back. At least until the next time I find myself drowning in a sea of fabric memos and architectural plans. ūüėČ

As we’ve been preparing to host my family for Thanksgiving it dawned on me that we’ve hit the six month mark in our (not so) new house. I vacillate between being impressed by how far we come to feeling like we’re never going to “get there”. Above is a peek at our living room–the least done room in the house–but one that make me so happy because of its cheerful pink walls.¬†The conch shell is a souvenir smuggled back from a recent trip to Tulum. More photos from that slice of sunshine on Insta.

I’ve been missing this outlet lately and and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, though I admittedly do feel this weird tension between wanting to share and wanting to keep some things under wraps when it comes to decorating our own house so we’ll see how that shakes out.

Out of curiosity – do you still find yourself reading blogs these days or are you spending more of your time on Insta, Insta Stories, Snapchat and the like?


Betsy Burnham White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

David Netto White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

Alexandra Loew White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

Robert Couturier White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

The best thing about the timing of our move from DC last Fall is that we were able to make an Irish exit from much of the craziness of this campaign cycle. Going out and enjoying dinner without running political commentary from Capitol Hill interns in the background has me truly feeling #blessed.

Regardless of your geographic location, I’d venture to guess at this point in the election cycle you’re also feeling a little bit¬†like this. So let’s talk about something politically inspired, but more enjoyable than talking points: the design of the next administration’s White House.

1st Dibs asked 5 designers to create design concepts for both a Clinton and Trump White House–arguably the most high profile project of any designer’s career–and what a dream to have the best art and antiques at your disposal! The feature is both entertaining and an instructive look at how designers imbue their clients’ personality into a space.

 The West Sitting Hall design for a Clinton administration by Betsy Burnham is by far my favorite. Her fresh take on American style is polished but unpretentious, a quality I very much admire.

So here’s the question: who would you hire if you had the opportunity¬†to re-do the White House? I know I’m still fan girling over his new book, but I’m certain Mark D. Sikes would do an impeccable White House. I’d also love to see what Miles Redd would cook up.


Anthropologie Wallpaper

Jovana Wallpaper

Anthropologie Wallpaper

Pineapple Welcome Wallpaper

Anthropologie Wallpaper

Artemis Wallpaper

Anthropologie Wallpaper

Jungle Vines Wallpaper

Anthropologie Wallpaper

Magnolia Blossoms Wallpaper

Have you guys visited Anthro’s home section lately? My mom sent me a hot tip to check it out this weekend, and it’s a veritable treasure trove of design goodness. Their wallpaper collection¬†is especially on point so I thought I’d round up my favorites above.

Just¬†when I thought I was over suzani, Jovana pulled me right back in. There are a ton of coordinating pieces, too. I’m thinking the shower curtain might mitigate the very beige situation in our guest bath until we’re ready to renovate.

Jungle Vines is begging to be used in a powder bath with basketweave tile and Magnolia Blossom is making this Southern transplant’s heart skip a beat. SO pretty.

Happy papering!


Wardington Manor | House & Garden
Wardington Manor | House & Garden
Wardington Manor | House & Garden
Wardington Manor | House & Garden
Wardington Manor | House & Garden
Wardington Manor | House & Garden

Wardington Manor | House & Garden
Wardington Manor | House & Garden

Allow me to interrupt your mid-week routine so we can collectively play out our British country mouse daydreams (I can’t possibly be alone on that one, right?) I discovered Wardington Manor via House & Garden¬†and am completely enchanted by the Jacobean home and organic flower farm in Oxfordshire.

Owned by Bridget Elworthy, the manor’s 30 acres serves as home base for the cut flower business, The Land Gardeners, which Elsworthy operates¬†with her business partner Henrietta Courtauld. The manor itself is enough to put me over the edge, but add in Victorian walled gardens, and dinner plate sized dahlias and I just can’t even.

Once a week the duo loads a van with freshly cut English flowers and sends them off to London to be delivered to clients like Soane, purveyor of some of the chicest pieces of furniture, fabric, and wallcoverings that I very much aspire to own. Too charming for words.

Sigh, in this case the grass is literally greener.


Mark D. Sikes Beautiful | The Pursuit of Style

Perhaps it’s the change of seasons and the “back to business” vibe I always associate with September, but I’m feeling especially inspired this week and eager to¬†get to work.

Part of this surge of inspiration is undoubtedly a result of pouring over the pages of Mark D. Sike’s¬†wonderful book:¬†Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style.¬†I was fortunate to receive an advance copy which arrived just as I was leaving for the airport last week. If it gives you any indication of just how excited I was to dig in, I tossed it into my purse and hauled a coffee table book as my reading material to and from Vermont. #noregrets

I’m confident that Mark will go down in the books as one of the greatest designers of our generation.¬†With an unfaltering eye and exceptional taste his rooms are not only stunning, they’re also inviting and comfortable (a quality that extends to his equally chic clothing line).

So, let’s make this week beautiful!

P.S Mark’s book¬†is officially available tomorrow. Grab a copy, you won’t be disappointed!