Soho House | Smitten Studio

I have not been able to get this image out of my head since first spotting it on Smitten Studio (amazing blog, add it to your reader!) and now I desperately want to take a trip to the Soho House in Miami OR re-create the entire fabulous situation in someone’s breakfast nook. PEACOCK LEATHER CHESTERFIELD!

This is Glamorous | Design Sponge

I’ve never been a shoe girl, but This Is Glamorous makes me want to be. More clever shoe storage ideas here and Michelle Smith’s stylish living room shoe situation.

Tory Burch Blog

De Gournay and Serge Mouille make unexpected bedfellows, but I think this relationship will make it the long haul! Bonus pints for the powder blue mid-century buffet. via Tory Burch

Lately I’ve felt like my brain is starting to share an unsettling resemblance to my internet browser–a hundred different tabs open at once that I promise I’ll get around to reading, buying, blogging, doing later.

We’re just over two months away from the wedding (headed up to NYC for my first fitting this weekend!) and as much as I swore up and down I’d be a low key bride I’m definitely starting to feeling the stress building, but also the excitement!

I’m working with some amazing clients who have put full trust in me creatively which always makes for a more rewarding project, and am getting ready to celebrate a birthday on Thursday. Life’s been a whirlwind, and I’m not nearly ready to say goodbye to summer. Where did it go?!

With of all of the crazy, TPOS got pushed further and further down the to-do list and sadly began to feel more like a box to check than a place to engage and share inspiration. Hence the sporadic posting this summer.

I’ve been having more and more conversations with fellow bloggers and blog readers alike about the “state of blogging” and there seems to be an overall sense of discontent. A feeling that something is missing that we can’t quite put our finger on. Scrolling Insta has replaced checking in on some of our old daily reads, others we read with an eye roll.

So I’m curious both as a blog writer and blog reader, what’s next? Do we think blogging is on its way out or will it simply continue to evolve?

More importantly, I’ve shared some of my current inspiration above, what’s inspiring YOU? Please share in the comments below.


Tom Scheerer | House Beautiful
Elle Decor
The English Country House

Last weekend I picked up a copy of The Signature of All Things–an airport decision that I’m not too terribly embarrassed to admit was based largely on its fern bedecked cover. I’ve been tearing through the book–definitely worth picking up–and unsurprisingly  given the subject matter, botanicals have been on my mind.

A few of my all-time favorite interiors featuring botanicals are above. Tom Scheerer is a constant source of inspiration, and the decoupaged chest is an unexpectedly chic choice that has recently had my wheels spinning.

Botanicals and naturalist studies always look best in groupings as Steven Gambrel so deftly illustrates in the bathroom above featured in Elle Décor about a decade ago–still amazing–and another bathroom from the pages of The English Country House.

Wouldn’t you love to know the name of that mint paint color?!


The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of StyleLast week was a big week for the bachelor pad. We said goodbye to dingy and dated walls, old switch plate covers and carpet and hello to hardwood floors, a contemporary palette of smokey gray-blue walls, onyx interior doors, and a freshly papered dining room in the most handsome chocolate brown/duck egg blue/turquoise stripe.

Next up on the installation schedule: a brand new wrought iron railing and handrail, mid-century inspired light fixture, and a Chesterfield sofa in the most perfectly aged leather. I honestly think I’m more impatient than my clients while waiting for deliveries. Can’t wait to get this one styled and properly photographed!

Single ladies, you’d be pleasantly surprised if you came back to this right?!



When French fine furniture company, GRANGE, invited me to participate in a contest for the opportunity to win a trip to Maison et Objet in Paris for myself and a lucky reader, my response couldn’t have been a more enthusiastic YES!

With over 100 years experience in hand crafting artisanal furniture, GRANGE combines the best of classic design and modern sensibility. Timeless shapes paired with a myriad of colorful finish options are enough to have me feeling like a kid in a candy store!

So, how do we win, you ask? Over the next few days I’ll be creating a design scheme featuring the Directoire console cabinet above which will be judged by a panel of industry leaders. If I make it to round two, I’ll need your votes to get us one step closer to Paris.

I need to start gathering inspiration, but in the mean time follow GRANGE on Facebook to stay in the loop. Wish me bonne chance!


Tom Dixon Copper Pendant

Metallic Gumball Pendant

If you asked me to do some trend forecasting, I’d tell you that the once ubiquitous Hicks pendant is on it’s way out and its soon-t0-be successor is Tom Dixon’s Copper Shade pendant. A favorite among the mid-century modern set, the mirrored copper pendant has been popping up everywhere and I can’t say that I mind (yet…)

Urban Outfitters is one of my unexpected, but tried and true, budget friendly resources for clients that may not be in their forever home. On a recent perusal I came across their Metallic Gumball pendant which is a pretty great dupe (albeit in gold, not copper) for the Tom Dixon.

The Gumball is smaller in size, but wouldn’t it be great to hang several of them at varying heights over a long rectangular dining table? I’m seeing a lot of potential!