Suellen Gregory | House Beautiful

Suellen Gregory | House Beautiful

Suellen Gregory | House Beautiful

Suellen Gregory | House Beautiful

Suellen Gregory | House Beautiful

I’m en route to DC for client visits and some much needed time at the Design Center, but I stopped in Richmond last night to visit my sister and we grabbed dinner and drinks at The Quirk Hotel. The setting, meal, and drinks were completely delightful and deserving of their own post–I’m really hoping to book a weekend stay at some point this fall–but it reminded me I hadn’t shared the owners’ townhouse which was recently featured in House Beautiful. 

Designed by Richmond based interior designer, Suellen Gregory, the townhouse is equal parts feminine and modern and the exact opposite of what you might expect for a home built in 1892, but it just works. The high ceilings and stately moldings set off the clean lined mid-century pieces, while antiques upholstered in punchy hues lend a playful gravitas.

 If you visit The Quirk Hotel it’s easy to see the owners’ sensibilities similarly reflected. I found myself particularly obsessed with the pleated sconce shades throughout the space and while re-visiting these photos quickly honed in on a similar shade in the master bedroom.

I admire anyone who has the the courage to really go for it with their home and a pink lacquered sitting room certainly falls into that category. Suellen Gregory’s ability to pull it all together in such a refined and seamless way speaks to her immense talent.

Plus, I had our living room painted pale pink a few months ago so this is giving me some ammunition against my family who think I’m a little bit crazy. 😉


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We spent the weekend in Vermont for a wedding and after getting back to Raleigh at 2:00AM yesterday morning (with a shattered laptop, ugh) I really had a case of the Mondays. The silver lining is I’m really feeling those back to school vibes with a brand new Macbook Air and my custom desk almost completed. I’m predicting productivity will be off the charts. 😉

So let’s jump start this week with a colorful kick in the pants by way of a project peek. The snap above is from one of my most unique projects to date. Believe it or not, this 600 sq foot space is an apartment off of my clients’ airplane hangar. They’re building their forever home just outside of Raleigh and plan to live in the apartment during construction.

DC gave me plenty of practice with small spaces so we pulled out all the tricks of the trade to make this space functional and fun for my world traveling clients!


Gucci Mules

Today kicks off New York Fashion Week, and though I may be out of my depth and should stick to forecasting interior trends, I’m going out on a limb here and going on record with my prediction of Gucci’s Princetown mules as the shoe of the season.

Last year’s “it” shoe was undoubtedly the Ghillie. Everyone from Aquazurra to M.Gemi to Loeffler Randall got in on the action and it looks like the style is still going strong. Turns out comfortable and chic aren’t mutually exclusive.

Which is brings us back to the item at the top of my Fall wish list: the Princetown mule. Unabashedly old school prep but with street style cred and, of course, Gucci’s trademark quality and craftsmanship.

I think it’s time I pulled the trigger…


I am without a doubt in the midst of an orange obsession and I have the Pinterest trail to prove it. If you happen to have the perfect orange paint color similar to that fabulous door please send my way. I just had a mirror lacquered for our entry and it was just slightly off from that almost electric Hermès color I was hoping for. #decoratorproblems

Orange Door

Chateau Marmont Matchbook

Orange Bamboo

Orange Play Table | Lonny

Orange Gingham Chaise



Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. Case in point: a few weeks ago Garrett and I were watching In the Heart of the Seaand as captivating as Chris Hemsworth and the white whale were, for me, the real eye candy was the 19th century Nantucket setting (okay, and Chris Hemsworth’s abs).

The glossy black millwork of the whaling office reminded me of a hotel I’ve been dying to visit: Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor, New York. Surprisingly, (or maybe not so surprisingly considering I grew up on Cape Cod) I’ve never visited the Hamptons, but when I do have the occasion to make a trip, Sag Harbor is at the top of my list.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

The hotel’s striking interiors were designed by Colleen Bashaw, a Parish Hadley alumna who heads up the design team at Cape Resorts. If you’re a design lover, all of their properties are worth a peek.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

What I particularly love about Baron’s Cove is how it breaks from the expected beach resort palette of blues, whites, sisal, and driftwood. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things, but it’s refreshing to see a different, darker take on nautical. More sea captain’s home than Something’s Gotta Give.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

It’s all about that black lacquer! Hicks’ pendants have never been more apropos.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

I would never have thought to use that fantastic pineapple wallpaper in this setting, but it works perfectly.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

The blue and white tile surround and herringbone brick fire box lends a historical feel.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

Sister Parish’s Tete de Negre is yet another stroke of wallpaper genius.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

Antique stores in New England are gold mines for these old schooner oil paintings. I’m taking note of how amazing they are against black walls.

Barons Cove | Sag Harbor

Worn leather and green millwork make for a meeting room I’d actually want to be in all day.

all photos via Colleen Bashaw and Baron’s Cove