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Pier 1 Widuri Chair | Gold and Gray Grass Agate Necklace | Summer Beach TowelWarby Parker Mabel Sunglasses | Essie Go Ginza | Furbish Seychelles Gourd Basket | Proud Mary Raffia Flats | Madakat by Jenny Prinn

I’m an East Coast girl through and through, but lately I’ve been drawn to all things California cool and surfer chic. It started with a healthy dose of wicker, rattan, and raffia–which, I should add, look fabulous anywhere, but work especially well with a boho beach vibe.

Case in point: this chair. You will not believe the price tag on that bad boy (in a good way!) and I can think of about a dozen rooms I’d like to use it in. Add a cushion in something by Peter Dunham or John Robshaw and pat yourself on the back for mastering the high-low mix.

 Beach babes on both coasts need a spot to rest their pretty heads and One Kings Lane has got us covered through their new collab with Parsons. I picked up a pair of these and can’t help but think the whole situation would be a lot better with a massive pair of sunnies.

Need Supply is one of those stores I forget to check regularly but when I do I find hidden gems like these. Perfect summer shoes! Pair with a little white dress, a turquoise necklace, and my favorite summer polish and you’ve got yourselves a uniform that will last you through Labor Day.


The Pursuit of Style

Anyone else wake up this morning wishing there was a special snooze button for Mondays? After a whirlwind trip to the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard where we managed to fit in meetings with all of our wedding vendors and my 10 year high school reunion in one day, I could have used another Sunday in my weekend.

Despite being in serious need of a nap, it couldn’t have been a better weekend. I’ll take any excuse I can get to spend some time at home–especially in the summer! The quick trip was also the perfect opportunity the check in on some of the projects around the house I’ve been managing from afar.

The dining room with its seafoam grasscloth walls and newly hung vintage bamboo mirrors is shaping up to be a favorite, but I’m also partial to this comfy spot. Next up on the to-do list is finishing off the living room. A wingback chair just came back from the upholsterer looking pretty snazzy in a favorite China Seas fabric, and I can’t wait to get the window treatments installed.

Many more progress photos to come from my next visit!


Miles Redd | Domino

Kate Townsend | Lonny

Ashley Whittaker

Ashley Whittaker

Peter Rogers

Accents of France

Treillage: a decorative latticework used to support climbing vines.

I’ve been on an Elsie de Wolfe bender having just finished A Decorative Life and quickly chasing it with The House in Good Taste. So what does America’s first lady decorator have to do with treillage? Well, actually quite a bit; but first let’s answer the question I’m sure is running through your head: what is it?

Tracing its roots back to Roman times, treillage refers to latticework used to support climbing vines. Early designs were rudimentary, but–as with most things–treillage got real fancy under the Sun King, Louis XIV.

The resurgence of treillage in a more ornamental capacity is largely thanks to landscape architect, André Le Notre, the genius behind the gardens of Versailles. Rather than waiting years for plants and topiaries to mature, Le Notre took advantage of the instant architecture treillage added–I’m willing to bet Louis XIV wasn’t a patient man.

Fast forward a few hundred years…

Elsie de Wolfe, a woman after my own heart, decided to shake things up a bit at the Colony Club in 1907 by bringing trelliage inside. The trellised room she unveiled was so different from anything the straight laced ladies who lunched had seen seen before she quickly secured an enviable client roster, and, of course, a spot in the design history books.

As they say, everything old is new again, and the art of treillage is no exception. Two of my favorite designers: Miles Redd and Ashley Wittaker are devotees; as is Sara Ruffin Costello who penned this WSJ article about her experience restoring a trellised room.  Depending on your budget and DIY savvy, you won’t have to look further than Home Depot to try your hand at a trellised room; but if the sky’s the limit you can’t go wrong with Accents of France.

P.S love the look, but living situation less than permanent? Why not add a fretwork screen to your living room?


Oscar De La Renta Home | The Pursuit of StyleOscar de la Renta Peony Plate | Oscar de la Renta Tortoise Tumblers | Oscar de la Renta Teak Place Setting | Oscar de la Renta Floral Table Linens | Oscar de la Renta New York Botanical Garden Salt and Pepper Shakers | Oscar de la Renta Marbelized Chargers

A few months ago I posted about Carolina Irving taking over the reins of Oscar de la Renta Home from former Creative Director, Miles Redd. I imagine succeeding a creative powerhouse like Redd was no easy feat, but Carolina has done it with aplomb.

Under less adept direction the largely pink and green collection featuring botanical and trellis prints might have been saccharine, but Irving successfully modernized the classic motifs (doesn’t the peony plate remind you of a Irving Penn photograph?) and interspersed pieces with a more global flair (love these linens!)

My personal favorites? These perfectly proportioned tortoise glass tumblers and these marbleized chargers–I’m having a major love affair with anything marbleized as of late!


The Pursuit of Style | Bits  & Pieces

This past month was a killer and I couldn’t be happier to welcome June and its promise of a fresh start with open arms. Do you ever get the feeling when you’re juggling competing priorities that you’re getting a lot done, but nothing done exceptionally well? That’s how I spent most of May and it’s definitely the worst feeling.

Thankfully, a few sunny days by the pool and an overpriced bunch of peonies were just what I needed to finally let out a big exhale and begin to cut myself some slack. So, apologies for the lack-luster blogging as of late, but sometimes you’ve just got to close the laptop early and let yourself get in bed without guilt.

Needless to say, there are some big changes on the horizon and I’m hoping that things are about to get interesting… but more on that in the coming weeks! For now, I’m counting down the days until we head up to the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard to spend time with family and wrap up a few wedding details.

Cheers to a brand new week!