After a busy fall and winter of presentations and paperwork, we’re reaching the finish line with several projects both here in Raleigh and back in DC. Eagerly anticipated custom pieces have been trickling in and I’ve been all too excited to introduce them to their new homes. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to:

Lindsay Speace Interior Design

In Raleigh, my clients heeded my call for a colorful sofa in their very first home. We love how it pairs with their beautiful chinoiserie panel and can’t wait for their custom navy swivel chairs we dressed up with some pretty trim at the hemline to finish off their living room. They’ll definitely be housewarming ready!

Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Nursery

Another Raleigh couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl into this recently completed nursery. It’s such a sweet space and whether its new homes, or new babies it’s always so rewarding to have the opportunity to work with clients during major milestones. Looking forward to sharing professional snaps of this one soon!

Lindsay Speace Interior Design

Back in DC, a favorite Raoul Textiles fabric was the jumping off point for the living space of this charming row house. I love the shot of apple green against the blues and aqua. Custom Roman shades scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks and a big piece of art for above the sectional will finish off the space.

Lindsay Speace Interior DesignIn NoVA, the bachelor pad’s powder bath got a major upgrade. It’s a teeny space but we punched it up with a new washstand sink, marble herringbone mosaic floor tile, an oblong hexagonal mirror, and an overhead double sconce with black trimmed shades. We’re selecting a few pieces of black and white photography to dress up the walls and are gearing up to kick off the kitchen reno ASAP!

I hope you enjoyed a few behind the scenes peeks at what we’ve been up to lately at LSID (albeit via iPhone photo 😉) I’m super excited about everything in the works for 2016–this funky space and many more not pictured included!


Jute Circles Rug


Jute Circles Rug


 Since deciding to decorate our bedroom, I’ve been on the hunt for a rug to cover the yucky rental carpet. Since I’m bringing it with the color and pattern, I’m planning to keep things neutral (unless the Etsy gods shine upon me and I find the perfect azilal and then all bets are off!)

My adventures in internet rug stalking did bring about two discoveries that were too good not to share. Natural fiber rugs are often my floorcovering of choice and I’m always on the lookout for new and different options from my usual go-tos.

I’m super into all things scalloped at the moment so this pretty little lady was a natural (literally 😉 ) front runner. Then I happened stumble upon her twin for 75% off — #winning.

I’ve decided I need a bit more contrast and carpet coverage for our bedroom, but wanted to share because I can see these working in so many different environments.

Happy Easter!


Spring Flings | The Pursuit of Style

Plate | Flats | Fabric | Lamp | Rug | Earrings

Happy first week of Spring! I have to admit I’m feeling pretty spoiled after our first North Carolina “winter” (especially after my mom mentioned they got six inches of snow on the Cape this week!) The warmer weather, Easter on the horizon, and trees just starting to blossom all have me favoring a pastel palette and big blooms.

For a moment let’s entertain a fantasy in which spending a month’s rent on one plate is reasonable. Okay, now that we’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, envision an Easter table set with these beauties. Perfection.

Now, let’s return to reality with a slow clap for Banana Republic who I happen to think has really upped its game with pieces like these flats and this Isabel Marant inspired blouse that I’ve worn on repeat.

I’m all about a statement earring this season and Bauble Bar has some of the best options (like these I pre-ordered!) Hot tip if you’re concerned about stretching your lobe with heavy dangles: these work miracles! I wear them every time I wear a heavier pair of earrings.

On the home front, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this rug. Isn’t it so cheerful? I’d pair it with drapes in this fabric, and brass side tables topped with the prettiest pink lamps. Bachelorette pad done and done!


Antiqued Mirror Backsplash

Gracias Madre | LA

Antiqued Mirror Backsplash

Antiqued Mirror Backsplash Tiles

In an effort to be a better blogger I thought I’d start sharing more of the inspiration behind the projects I’m currently working on. I wish it could be before & afters all day over here, but the truth is it takes a long time for a project to be photoshoot ready. Hopefully this will be a good way to share where my head is at throughout the design process.

One design concept I just presented and am really excited about moving forward with, is an antique mirrored backsplash. My clients are building their forever home just outside of Raleigh, and in the interim will be moving into a one bedroom future guest suite on the property.

Downsizing from their current home to a one bedroom will be an adjustment, and I’m planning to pull out all my tricks to make the new space as functional and spacious (even if it’s an illusion) as possible. Their kitchen is open to the living room, and while considering backsplash options I immediately latched onto the idea of antiqued mirror.

Mirrored backsplashes are not something you see done often, with the exception of perhaps bar areas, but when done well they’re so impactful. Truthfully, I would only recommend a mirrored backsplash in a very specific kitchen and this one happens to fit the bill. Just like a mirror on your wall, a mirrored backsplash will create the illusion of more space and bounce light around the room. Exactly what we need in this smaller space!

To keep things from getting too glam, I suggested an antiqued finish which will not only provide an amazing patina, but also mask the inevitable finger prints and water spots. Form and function – check! Above are a few of the design concept example photos I pulled for our presentation – you may recognize the second photo from Gracias Madre – a restaurant I’ve posted about in the past.

I’ll never abandon my love for a classic subway tile, but I’m so excited to have the opportunity to do something a little different.


Lindsay Speace Interior Design

When we first moved to Raleigh, as thrilled as I was to get my hands on a new space to decorate, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything new for the apartment because–fingers crossed–we’d only be in it a year before finding a home. Well my friends, patience is definitely not one of my virtues.

We’ve hit the sixth month mark and living in an unfinished (un-started would be more accurate) space has been killing me. I’ve been determined to keep my eye on the prize (a whole house to decorate!) but my resolve is slipping. Working from home in disarray while pulling together beautiful schemes for clients seems all too ironic (and mildly embarrassing!) The cobbler’s children have no shoes.

I’m a big believer in the power of our surroundings to affect our moods and mindset, and as I’ve been watching the market and starting to worry it may take us longer than six months to find our perfect home I’ve decided to compromise. No major purchases (i.e I’m still dealing with the cheapo sofa we had to build in our DC apartment to get a full size past a tight corner) but I am going to zhush up our bedroom so we have one finished space with the thought that it will transition to a guest bedroom in our future home.

I mentioned last week that I picked up a big painting of an original textile design in Dallas and that has been the catalyst for our bedroom design. The background of the above photo is the painting (very Paule Marrot, right?) and the fabrics are some favorites I’ve always wanted to use but haven’t had the occasion to. After six months of living without nightstands (I do not recommend) I had a vintage pair lacquered in Benjamin Moore’s Newburg Green–coincidentally before I bought the painting–so I’m glad they work!

Next up, deciding on the headboard shape, finding a pair of lamps, sourcing a rug, and possibly updating our mattress–has anyone used Casper or Tuft & Needle? I’m intrigued by their models…