Shit Bloggers WearShit Bloggers Wear

I laughed out loud and said a big “yuuup” when I first visited the new tumblr site Shit Bloggers Wear. I love the concept and if I had an ounce of artistic talent I’d start a sister site “Shit Bloggers Decorate With” (admittedly not as catchy a title).

My first post would be Martin and Osa Johnson’s much loved¬†I Married Adventure followed up with a big vase of peonies (guilty!), a branch of coral, and maybe one of those spiky gold urchins. Life’s a bit more fun when we can poke fun at ourselves, right? What would you add to the list–fashion or design related?

P.S No hate here, I love all of those things. Celine bag and Valentino shoes definitely included!


Susan Kroeger Design

Susan Kroeger Design

Susan Kroeger Design

Susan Kroeger Design

In today’s world of constant pinning, tumbling, instagraming, tweeting, blogging, etc. content is shared and re-shared at such a fast rate it’s easy to start feeling like you’ve seen it all before. On the flip side, when you finally stumble upon something new (at least to you) it makes it that much more exciting.

Excited is exactly how I felt when I opened an email from the Susan Kroeger LTD team a few weeks ago inviting me to check out their design for the Lake Forest Designer Showhouse–what a show stopper!

The room is a study in contrast. Punchy orange and pink pillows offset the sophisticated metallic gray grasscloth wallpaper and French antiques mingle with abstract art. The overall effect is striking and makes for a room I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing re-pinned, tumbled, blogged etc. again and again.

Congrats to Susan and her team!


The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

How was your long weekend? Are you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the grind or did you pull the covers over your head and hit snooze this morning? That’s me most mornings so no judgement here!

After a crazy month of traveling I was excited to have a weekend at home with nothing but breaking in my pool chair on the agenda (and a mountain of laundry.. so glamorous).

I’m feeling pretty content lately because not only is it pool season, it’s PEONY season! I think we can all agree that it’s pretty much impossible to not feel a little surge of happiness when these beautiful blooms start popping up in grocery stores and corner bodegas.

I’ve been buying them like they’re going out of style (which they never will) and appreciating the instant face-lift they give my apartment. Can you believe my DIY Kate Spade Cloverdale is still holding on after all these years?

P.S In the last photo you can see a peek at the vanity I mentioned I was working on last week. Not a bad start, right?


J.Crew | The Pursuit of Style

J.Crew | The Pursuit of Style

Swiss Dot Tuxedo Shirt | Pom Pom Top |  Embroidered Gauze Top | Multistripe Popover Top

Diamond Raffia Tote | Turquoise and Tortoise Link Bracelet | Cork Minaudiere | Remi Ribbon Sandals

J.Crew’s new arrivals…can’t stop, won’t stop.

How could I when there are swiss dots, pom poms, tortoise/turquoise (together!!) and metallic cork involved? So here’s the question of the hour: if you could only pick one, which would you choose? For me, it’s a dead heat between the swiss dots and tortoise/turquoise. Oh, J.Crack you get me every time.