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Jenna Snyder Phillips

Jenna Snyder Phillips

Jenna Snyder Phillips | Lonny

Jenna Snyder Phillips | Lonny

This will probably make me seem like a prude, but ten years ago the idea of having a large framed nude in my home probably would have made me blush. To be fair to my younger self, ten years ago would put me in a dorm room at boarding school and I have to admit, I got a good laugh imagining one of these pieces mixed in with the Ralph Lauren and David Yurman ads I papered my walls with–nevermind what my dorm parents would have said!

I’d like to think that my taste in artwork has matured (although maybe not my sense of humor) and today I can’t think of anything more chic to add to my walls than one of Jenna Snyder-Phillips‘ nudes. I’ve seen her work repeatedly in the pages of Lonny (side note: Michelle Adams is leaving?? Whoa curveball!) but for some reason never clicked through to discover the artist. Most likely because of the fear of sticker shock. Don’t you hate falling in love with something you can’t have? Happens to me so often with artwork.

Fast forward to last night when I was researching another post and stumbled across Jenna’s website where I noticed a photo of J.Crew’s bridal boutique in her portfolio. The very same photo I included on my inspiration board for my site’s re-design. Ahh, serendipity!

I’ve already made a promise to myself that I will own one of Jenna’s pieces one of these days. I think it would be an amazing present to myself once I achieve something big. My first big interior design project, perhaps? Dream big!



The Pursuit of Style

This blog it is a-changing! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been working with Hanna on a complete re-design of The Pursuit of Style. We’re coming into the home stretch and in just a few days you’ll notice that things look a lot different around here. I’m equal parts excited and anxious. Change can be a little nerve wracking, but I really love the new direction we decided on and can’t wait to get your feedback.

While I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the new design to launch, I thought I’d give you a peek at some of the things on the inspiration board I pulled together for the project. I’m still somewhat amazed that Hanna was able to look at this melee and translate it into a design that well reflects my aesthetic. That’s talent people!

So what do you think, any guesses so far?


Sunday Style | The Pursuit of Style

Any week that there’s a new edition of Matchbook Magazine is bound to be a good one, but this issue was especially stellar with the inclusion of co-founder Jane Lilly Warren’s NYC home. Her use of Sherwin-Williams’ Easy Change Wallpaper is just genius!

I’ve been a fan of Marissa Webb since her J.Crew days, and was thrilled when she launched her own label this fall at NYFW. I’m even more excited that you can now easily shop her collection via their e-commerce site. P.S don’t miss their blog!

Aerin Lauder is one of my personal style icons so naturally I love almost everything AERIN comes out with. The spring home collection is no exception. The gold dipped shells are on my wish list!

Have a great Sunday!


Domino 2007

House Beautiful April 2009

China Seas Rio | The Pursuit of Style

Earlier this week Kathryn and I headed over to the Design Center with a laundry list of projects in need of the perfect fabric. The novelty of visiting the showrooms of my favorite manufacturers hasn’t worn off yet (and I hope it never does!) so I could easily spend an entire day ogling fabrics I’ve only before seen in the pages of magazines.

One of my favorite fabric lines to ogle is Quadrille. I think it would be virtually impossible to be unhappy in a room that featured their colorful, graphic prints. I have more than a few favorites among their various lines, but on this most recent trip I picked up a new one: Rio by China Seas.

It’s similar to another of my other favorites, Les Touches by Brunschwig & Fils , but the spots are less brushstroke-y and more animal print. We’re considering the beige on white colorway (top left) for a project and I’m keeping my fingers crossed the client loves it as much as I do!



District Doughnut | The Pursuit of Style

District Doughnut | The Pursuit of Style

District Doughnut | The Pursuit of Style

Yesterday we had a “snow day” in DC. The government closed for the day and many businesses followed suit in anticipation of the storm. We waited and waited for the snow but disappointingly it never came–at least not to Capitol Hill.

A snow day without snow is already pretty indulgent, but when I saw via twitter that District Doughnut had an extra dozen up for grabs I knew I could up the ante. One re-tweet and a half hour later co-founder Greg delivered a dozen sinfully delicious doughnuts to my door. Let me repeat that: doughnuts to my door. Could there be anything better?!

Bitches Who Brunch said it first, but I’m going to chime in with a strong second: doughnuts are the new cupcakes. These doughnuts are better than any cupcake I’ve ever tasted. Of the four flavors that came in our dozen (yes, I’ve tried them all judge away) the brown butter is my favorite. The combination of fluffy pastry, cinnamon sugar, and brown butter icing is nothing short of dangerous. Thank god my boyfriend is sharing the extras with his coworkers tomorrow!

To my readers outside of DC: I apologize for taunting you with images of doughnuts. You’ll just have to try them if you come visit! To my DC readers: place an order ASAP. You won’t be disappointed!