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Do you remember that PSA from the late 80s: “this is your brain on drugs”? If not, here’s a YouTube. It will bring you right back. (Side note: that commercial must have aired for a really long time. I doubt I remember it so well from ’87 when I was a year old!)

Anyway, unnecessarily long intro to tell you that this is what my brain looks like on design. I mentioned this summer that I’m working on re-decorating my parent’s home which is kind of great to be able to do for “real” as an adult after countless less sophisticated attempts growing up.

We’ve made some great progress–spool chairs in a driftwood finish and seafoam grasscloth walls–but there’s a lot still to be done. This is what I’ve got swirling around my head: whitewashed brick, a stair runner with colorful binding, a compass for the floor, bookshelves with painted backs, bistro chairs, and one big lantern for the dining room.

I may be biased, but I think it’s going to be pretty amazing!

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Dupont Circle, DC | The Pursuit of Style

Dupont Circle

When I was uploading photos this weekend I realized I’ve taken a lot of photos of doors around the city. It seems that I’ve developed some sort of fascination with entryways. It’s easy to see why if you’ve ever walked around DC’s charming neighborhoods.

The entrance of a home is like an amuse-bouche at the start of a really great meal–a hint at what’s to come. A great entryway beckons you from the street and might make you wish for an invitation inside or an introduction to the homeowner because you just know you’d get along.

I thought I’d start sharing the doors of DC in a weekly post. No reason for them to live lonely lives in my iPhoto folders, right? First up, arguably the most chic orthodontist’s office¬†ever.

Photo by Lindsay Souza for The Pursuit of Style


APT with LSD | Rebecca de Ravenel

APT with LSD | Rebecca de Ravenel

APT with LSD | Rebecca de Ravenel

APT with LSD | Rebecca de Ravenel

APT with LSD | Rebecca de Ravenel

APT with LSD | Rebecca de Ravenel

APT with LSD | Rebecca de Ravenel

When I saw Rebecca de Ravenel’s New York city home this weekend I had two thoughts: 1. I’ve found a style soul mate and 2. this is going to be posted everywhere, but I need to talk about it. Why did I feel so compelled to share? Well, this is one of those rare gems I loved so completely at first sight it made me think: “Yes, that’s it. That’s my style exactly.”

The blue and white color palette, island influences (from time spent living/working in the Bahamas), and a well edited collection of curiosities picked up along her travels and family mementos just spoke to me. Not to mention the Raoul textiles, China Seas wallpaper, and D. Porthault linens… sigh.

These are going straight to the inspiration files (aka Pinterest)! In case you’re as obsessed as I am, I rounded up a few pieces inspired by Rebecca’s NYC oasis. I think I’ve hit my animal art limit in our apartment, but if there was room for one more piece, this would be it.


The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

When I was in Charleston last weekend I feel in love with a beautiful inlaid box at an antique store. It was a bit pricey so I begrudgingly left it behind and continued to think about it all last week. Well, the antique gods must have been shining on me because I found two inlaid boxes almost identical to the one I had admired in Charleston at one of my favorite DC haunts, Christ Child Opportunity Shop (see some of my past finds here), while shopping for some upcoming client shoots. Don’t you love when that happens?

On Sunday we stopped by my favorite museum, The Phillips Collection, to check out their new exhibit: Van Gogh Repetitions. It was so inspiring to see two of my favorite works Portrait of Joseph Roulin, and The Bedroom at Arles, up close and personal, and it basically killed me to not be able to take pictures–hence, the damage above from the museum shop. Still not the same… If you’re in DC, it’s worth a visit. I might just put my membership to good use and visit again this week when it’s less crowded!

Photos by Lindsay Souza for The Pursuit of Style


Erika Brechtel | Small Shop Studio

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

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Think before you speak. I’ve been guilty on all 10 points, yikes.

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