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-There’s been a lot of interesting dialogue this week on the topic of working for free. Should you or shouldn’t you? Start with this article and move on to these posts and report back. I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

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-Transitional dressing is something I’ve yet to master–I always want to jump head first into the new season. These shots are inspiring me to up my game.

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-We all do it. Here’s how to navigate the burnout zone.

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-Loved this idea!

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Adorable times two.


India Hicks Jewelry

India Hicks Jewelry

India Hicks Jewelry

India Hicks Jewelry

India Hicks Jewelry

India Hicks Jewelry

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know that India Hicks is one of my icons. If you’re new to the party, type India Hicks into the search bar to your right and you’ll find at least a half dozen posts. India’s Harbour Island home is one of my all-time favorites and my copy of her book: Island Life: Inspirational Interiors is dogeared from use.

India recently launched a jewelry line featuring collections inspired by her father, David Hicks, her island lifestyle, and even the phases of the moon. The delicate gold and diamond pieces have the effortless elegance I’ve come to expect from Hicks and I imagine would easily be incorporated into my everyday wear.

My personal favorites are the Palm Frond Pendant, Moon Slivers Earrings, and Swinging Bow and Arrow Pendant. Beautiful, right? Going straight onto the wish list!

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Anna Spiro | Absolutely Beautiful Things

Alright NYC design friends, I need your help. Kathryn and I are headed your way in a few weeks to do some client shopping (mainly rugs and decorative accessories) and I’m working on compiling a master list of all the stores we can’t miss while we shop till we drop.

I’m looking forward to visiting some old favorites (ABC Carpet & Home, Madeline Weinrib, John Derian…) but I know there are so many more. That’s where you come in. My guess is we’re birds of a feather who would probably shop together so I’d love to hear your recommendations–they’ve always been spot on in the past!

Thanks in advance. I promise to share pictures of pretty things.