J.Crew Baby

This weekend hasn’t exactly gone as planned after yesterday’s trip to the dog park ended with an emergency trip to the vet after an off leash dog pulled a Mike Tyson on Brody who happened to be walking by on leash.

It could have been a lot worse, so thankfully he’s doing well and enjoying the extra attention and peanut butter we’re stashing his painkillers in–who isn’t happy with extra peanut butter? Instead of the rant about irresponsible dog owners that I’d love to write, I thought I’d share some weekend reading you might actually enjoy.


-If you watch New Girl you’re probably familiar with the Douche Bag jar. I thought this adaptation was hilarious. I’m totally guilty on the “thanks, it’s vintage” comment so I know I’d be paying up! Life’s more fun if you can laugh at yourself, right? What phrases would you want people to pay up for? I see a Tumblr in the making…

-Love Whole Foods, but totally related to this survival story and laughed out loud the entire time reading it.

-Ever wanted an LL Bean boyfriend?


-Is this why Generation Y is unhappy? I’m leaning towards YES.

-A slightly different take that’s also completely worth reading: Why 30 Is Not the New 20


-Okay, even if you don’t have a prego best friend (I don’t) you need to check out J.Crew Baby. Cuteness overload!!!


Maison du Soir

Maison du Soir

Maison du Soir

Maison du Soir

Maison du Soir

I’m embarrassed to admit, but my sleepwear situation has seen better days. I have a few pair of these (which I love!) but most nights it’s yoga pants and an old Delta Gamma tee from some forgotten mixer. Stumbling upon Maison du Soir via Instagram was the best thing that could have happened for my sad state of sleepwear.

The new collection of luxe sleepwear has inspired me to give my pajama drawer an overhaul. Goodbye, ratty college tees, hello silky chic sets. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with that black and white graphic print. Had I been familiar with Maison du Soir when that whole ‘pajamas as daywear’ trend was happening awhile back I might have reconsidered my firm stance against it.

Here’s to chic pjs and sweet dreams!


Kathryn and I are cleaning up the office which means great deals on designer wallcoverings for you!

Email thepursuitofstyle@gmail.com if you’re interested!

Osborne & Little Sherwood
Osborne & Little Sherwood

Osborne & Little Walk In the Park Sherwood: a pretty pattern of metallic leaves set against a lilac background. Even more beautiful in person!

PRICE: $52/roll, 8 rolls available

GP & J Baker Oriental Bird

GP & J Baker Oriental Bird

GP & J Baker Oriental Bird, Gilt: A beautiful chinoiserie inspired wallpaper featuring birds and flowering vines. Subtle silver metallic sheen.

PRICE: $39.00/roll, 4 full rolls and approximately 1/2 roll available

Farrow & Ball Vermicilli

Farrow & Ball Vermicelli: A really fun wallpaper with light blue squiggles on a white background. Would be adorable in a children’s room.

PRICE: $138/roll, 5 rolls available

Ralph Lauren Vintage Dauphine

Ralph Lauren Vintage Dauphine: Sophisticated floral pattern with birds.

PRICE: $20/roll, 2 rolls available–would be great for lining a piece of furniture, or other small project


JK Place Capri

JK Place Capri

JK Place Capri

They say not all who wander are lost, but when it comes to planning said wandering I’m absolutely lost. One of my goals for this year is to stop talking about how much I want to travel and actually make it happen. The only problem is, the prospect of planning a trip abroad completely overwhelms me.

I’m so inspired by other people’s travel itineraries that seem to include the perfect mix of off the beaten path local spots and ‘have to see once’ tourist destinations. I’m even more impressed by people who plan grand tour type vacations and hit multiple cities/countries along the way. How do they do it?

The photos above are from the J.K. Place in Capri–an absolute dream destination! In an attempt to make some progress on my travel goal, I thought I’d ask for your help. Do you have any travel planning tips? Are there any sites/books that have been helpful to you in the past? I’m really hoping to make Greece happen in 2014!

Thanks in advance, I promise postcards!


The Vault Files Shop

The Vault Files Shop

The Vault Files Shop

The Vault Files ShopMy sister (yes, of camo fame) just moved into her first post-college apartment and requested a post on artwork for her new space. She’s taking full advantage of this time in her life to be as girly as she wants in her decor choices and specifically asked for some feminine pieces for her gallery wall.

Etsy is by far my favorite resource for affordable original artwork and after a bit of searching I found a shop selling the most perfect pieces for my sister’s collection:  The Vault Files. I’ve yet to meet someone that doesn’t love peonies (are you out there?) so I thought I’d share my discovery.

I seem to have an attraction to close up floral photography (as evidenced here and here) but the black backgrounds set these apart. They have a modern edge, but also remind me of antique German botanical charts. The best part is, they’re priced so well, you won’t have to worry if you can’t pick just one favorite–I know I can’t!