Guys, 1. thank you so much for the encouraging words on yesterday’s announcement you are really the best and  2. you need to pick up a copy of Carrier and Company: Positively Chic Interiors. I have not been more excited about a book since Markham Robert’s Decorating the Way I See It, or maybe Tom Scheerer Decorates

Carrier and Compan 1

I received an advance copy last night and read it cover to cover. I texted my friend Hanna telling her to pick up a copy (of course she already had because she’s chic and in the know like that) because Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller just get it. I mean, their clients include names that start with Anna and end with Wintour… need I say more?

Carrier and Company 2

The interiors, of course, are beautiful, but what really resonated with me is their philosophy. I love a beautiful space as much as the next design enthusiast, and have plenty of coffee table books filled with pretty pictures, but when there’s actually substance accompanying them, those are the books that end up dogeared and well worn on my shelves.

Carrier and Company 5

A favorite quote: “Life does not have to be perfect. Furnishings and possessions do not have to be perfect.”

Carrier and Company 4

Let’s get an Amen prayer Emoji in here for that! Although, I happen to think the furnishings and possessions in the room above (which I’ve blogged about before) are pretty perfect.

Carrier and Company 3

Trust that if I woke up early this morning to take photos with my “real” camera in the midst of a move it’s worth your while to pick up a copy of this one!


Maybe it’s my Cape Cod roots, but I can never resist a good beach house. Especially one with a blue and white palette. Hopefully you’ll forgive me then for sharing another Southampton beauty (see Lily Maddock’s home from last week).

This home was designed by Carrier and Company, a new to me design firm whose portfolio includes the offices of Anna Wintour and Jason Wu in addition to some of the most beautiful residential interiors I’ve laid eyes upon. Definitely take a peek!

The relaxed fabrics, white washed floors, natural fiber rugs, and scattering of blue and white porcelain give this home an air of casual elegance. It’s like a real life Nancy Meyers set, right?

P.S for more photos revisit the January 2012 issue of Vogue. I might just order a copy off of ebay for the tear sheets!