Domino Magazine Small Spaces Spring 2013

Domaine | Sara Costello

I’m hoping one of you will be able to help me out here because I’ve fallen hard for a fabric but its manufacturer is a bit of a mystery. The love affair started when I picked up a “special edition” copy of Domino Small Spaces. I knew I’d be underwhelmed (and annoyed at myself for spending over $10 on a magazine) but that chair beckoned to me.  Predictably, I finished the mag wanting more, but I especially wanted a source for that fabric!

I’d almost forgotten about it until it re-appeared–this time as a pillow–in Sara Ruffin Costello’s New Orleans home featured on Domaine. With my passion reignited, I thought I’d give it one last-ditch effort. Anyone know the manufacturer/name of that lovely fabric? I think we’re a match made in heaven and I’d love an introduction.

*UPDATE* The fabric has been identified! It’s “Althea” by Lee Jofa. Thanks to Susie for the hot tip!


Krista Ewart

via Domino June/July 2007

A few years ago when I was working with Hanna on the re-design of this blog I came across the above room designed by Krista Ewart. I immediately fell in love with the feminine lines of the French desk and Italian brass chair (which I’ve been hunting for ever since to no avail).

The desk quickly became the inspiration behind the header you see today (you can see more of my initial inspiration board here). I stumbled across the photo again last night and still love it as much as I did a few years ago– so rare for me–so I thought I’d share and give you the back story on my header.

P.S can we all commiserate for a minute on how much we still miss Domino?





My time in the Florida sunshine may be coming to an end, but I still have palm fronds on my mind. Florida is a treasure trove for vintage shopping and I secretly hoped I’d find a hidden gem while visiting. I’m happy to report that I did find the perfect piece I was hunting for, a vintage palm frond chandelier almost identical to the one hanging in the above (posted-to-death) kitchen from Domino. I’m over the moon with my find, and you might hate me a just a little bit to hear that it only set me back $100. Such a bargain! I have grand plans of hanging it in our entryway and am crossing my fingers that it won’t hang too low for my six-foot plus boyfriend. Pictures to follow once I have it installed!

P.S I just had to throw in this old photo of Nikki Hilton’s dining room from InStyle. I’m still loving the Martinique wallpaper made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel. Truly Palm Beach chic!


Blogger M.A Belle’s NY apartment. I just love all the colors and patterns. I was also excited to see the orange and white bowl from Anthropologie I recently picked up prominently displayed in her bookshelf. Michelle is also the owner of the eco-conscious Rubie Green line of fabric and bedding. You really should check out their website, all of their products are SO gorgeous! If I hadn’t just bought the orange/white bedding you can bet some of Rubie Green’s would be gracing my bed!

Enjoy the eye candy!