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It was a little terrifying to hit publish on yesterday’s post but I couldn’t be happier that I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time out of your day to share your insightful comments and kind words. I was honestly blown away by how many of you weighed in and truly touched by your responses.

Virtual flowers are the best I can do, so here are a few of my favorites. Thank you for inviting me into your inbox and RSS feeds. I’m taking notes on your feedback and hope to continue to earn my spot there.

A lot of you requested more posts related to my life in DC and personal design projects. Well, how about we kick things off with a home tour? I happen to have one going live on The Glitter Guide this Tuesday and couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!



Cloth of Gold Floral Artistry by Katie McDaniel

Cloth of Gold Floral Artistry by Katie McDaniel

Cloth of Gold Floral Artistry by Katie McDaniel

Cloth of Gold Floral Artistry by Katie McDaniel

images via Cloth of Gold

If I were getting married anytime soon I would be calling Katie McDaniel of Cloth of Gold Floral Artistry immediately. Have you ever seen more beautiful arrangements?

In her bio she describes her style as “unruly,” and her arrangements definitely have a loose effortlessly elegant quality to them. I think we all know that making anything look effortless takes a whole lot of skill and Katie clearly has it in spades!

What were the arrangements like at your wedding? Or if like me, you haven’t walked down the aisle, what are your dream arrangements?


In yesterday’s post on house guests I mentioned how I like to keep small arrangements in spots like our entry, living room, and bedroom. I took a quick look at my Instagrams from this weekend and noticed that my arrangements snuck into a few photos and thought I’d share.

The hydrangeas in the first photo are on my nightstand. A huge bunch of carnations in the prettiest shade of coral went into a vintage tea tin in the living room. Star lilies left over from my birthday added a nice pop of color to our entry.

Now I’m just doing my best to keep these beauties alive!

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I’m finally back after a much longer than anticipated hiatus! Now that March is well underway it seems as though we’re almost out of the winter doldrums and closer to spring! What better way to celebrate than with some bejeweled blooms. All of these statement studs can be found at The Met Store which is quite the hidden treasure trove of gems. It just so happens that my mom and sister are making a trip to NYC this weekend. Maybe I can request that they make a pit stop to pick me up a pair? We shall see!


P.S thanks so much for your patience as I get unburied- if I owe you an email I will do my very best to respond asap!


I’m a bit in the weeds due to the election excitement today, so I thought I’d leave you with some of the prettiest “weeds” I’ve seen in a long time. Would you expect anything less from Martha? Making a mental note to start looking for vintage canisters on my antique mall adventures.