A Day at the Museum

Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol | John F. Kennedy by Elaine de Kooning | John Updike by Alex Katz | White Cloud by George Catlin | Franz Kline

Sometimes I need to remind myself to back away from the computer and get out there and do something. I always feel so much more inspired when I do, but it’s just so easy to get sucked into the black hole of Pinterest, right?

One of the best things about living in DC is access to all of the amazing (and free!) museums. So in an effort to start 2013 off on the right foot, I popped over to the National Portrait Gallery yesterday for lunch. It was so nice to wander the halls without the usual chaos of tourists and student groups.

There’s just something about seeing artwork in person. I find myself like a little kid, getting super close to the pieces, examining the brushstrokes and wondering how it’s possible someone created this. Above are a few of the portraits I lingered in front of the longest. De Kooning’s portrait of JFK is particularly stunning in person. The colors are just so vibrant and unexpected for a presidential portrait.

Do you have a favorite museum or piece you like to linger at?

P.S a million thank yous for your supportive comments, tweets, and emails on yesterday’s post. I’m so thrilled to have a new adventure to share with you!