Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Last week, Kathryn and I had a few hours to kill in Raleigh before heading back to DC. I guess we weren’t quite ready to let the design binge of Market come to an end so we headed over to Furbish to keep the high going.

If you search my archives you’ll find a semi stalker-ish amount of references to Jamie and Furbish so you can imagine how excited I was to finally see the store in person. Grainy iphone photos just don’t do it justice! It’s totally one of those stores where you have to do a few laps before you’re even able to start processing all the design goodness that surrounds you, never mind actually decide what you’re bringing home.

So what did I bring home? A beautiful burlwood frame, a mini vase for my bedroom, a new case for my perpetually scratched sunnies, and some cards for upcoming occasions. If not for the confines of a commuter jet, that chair might have come home with me too. Good thing there’s always online shopping


Sunday Style | The Pursuit of Style

This week wasn’t too shabby by way of inspiration. Elle gave us a peek into the oh-so-chic abode of Nate Berkus Associates Co-Design Director, Sasha Adler. Apparently her collection of Louboutins is as enviable as her well-curated decor. Dream job, dream shoe collection–some girls have all the luck!

Normally I’m not a makeup person, but We See Beauty’s MAKE line might change that. I can’t speak to the quality of the product, but the styling and photography is the best I’ve seen by far!

I’ve been coveting textiles from Istanbul based company, Tulu, since first reading about them in the July 2011 issue of Matchbook. Unfortunately they weren’t available at a retailer near me until now. Leave it to Ms. Meares to make my design wishes come true. Tulu’s bedding and pillows will be available at Furbish Studio soon!

Roxy Owens, founder of Society Social, never fails to impressive me with her innovative marketing skills. This time she brought together 11 different interior designers (all of whom I love!) and had them work their magic on the blank canvas of the Charlotte Sofa. Check out all of the creative combinations in the Project Sofa lookbook.

I hope you have a great Sunday. Anyone else planning to judge red carpet fashion from their couch tonight?


Have you had a chance to check out the premier issue of High Gloss Magazine? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! As I put some finishing touches on my apartment this weekend, I can’t help but revisit Jamie Meares’ gorgeous home for inspiration. ┬áJamie’s blog I Suwannee is one of my daily must reads and I could easily drop a paycheck at her most recent venture, Furbish Studio. I absolutely love her bold use of color and expert mixing of patterns–exactly the look I’ve tried to create in my own home. This would be a much longer post if I attempted to describe everything I love about her home so we’ll just leave it at my top three:

1. Scalamandre Wallpapered Bar

2. Monogrammed Zebra Shower Curtain

3. Fab Lamps

Have a great weekend everyone!