The Pursuit of Style

Amethyst Case | Azurite Case | Malachite Case | Mother of Pearl Case

Yesterday I had a crazy cat lady moment. Not quite the same as one of our former neighbors whose wireless network name was CATSCATSCATS (I always was curious what the password might be) but an embarrassing moment nonetheless. I was wearing my favorite leopard Tibi blazer when I looked down and realized that my iphone case was also leopard print. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing and it’s officially time for a change.

I came across these gemstone iphone cases and think they’re really unique. I don’t have any gemstone print clothing so thankfully the chance of another pattern overdose is slim. I’ve narrowed it down to these four cases but am really leaning towards the mother of pearl. Isn’t the mirrored effect so fun?

What’s your current case situation looking like? Would you go gemstone?


top row: overdose case | whipsnake case

middle row: all in a day’s work case

bottom row: fez stripe case | dvf case

I have a bad habit of changing my iPhone case far more than is necessary. I just can’t help it, there are so many fun options out there! And,  if you’re anything like me, your iPhone is probably super glued to your hand half the time so it might as well look good, right? Here are the options I’m deciding between for a new summer case. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the overdose and the all in a day’s work but would welcome new contenders if you’d like to share your sources!