Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Furbish Studio | The Pursuit of Style

Last week, Kathryn and I had a few hours to kill in Raleigh before heading back to DC. I guess we weren’t quite ready to let the design binge of Market come to an end so we headed over to Furbish to keep the high going.

If you search my archives you’ll find a semi stalker-ish amount of references to Jamie and Furbish so you can imagine how excited I was to finally see the store in person. Grainy iphone photos just don’t do it justice! It’s totally one of those stores where you have to do a few laps before you’re even able to start processing all the design goodness that surrounds you, never mind actually decide what you’re bringing home.

So what did I bring home? A beautiful burlwood frame, a mini vase for my bedroom, a new case for my perpetually scratched sunnies, and some cards for upcoming occasions. If not for the confines of a commuter jet, that chair might have come home with me too. Good thing there’s always online shopping



Leave it to Jamie Meares to have stationery so fabulous it inspires its own post! The monogrammed headdress notecard that accompanied my surprise package from Furbish (talk about a good mail day!) stopped me in my tracks and set my mind spinning.

A quick glance through my inspiration files and I realized I’ve been hoarding quite a few images of Native American inspired art. The Fritz Scholder painting is by far my favorite. Can you imagine what an impact that hot pink canvas would make in a room? I’d love to see it done. Thanks again to Jamie for always being a source of inspiration!


As if a Glitter Guide feature with one of my design icons, Jamie Meares, wasn’t enough (still dying over that tortoise cabinet), imagine my surprise to read the quote below…

What are your sources of design inspiration on the web?
I practically live on the internet—blogs, Pinterest, Instagram—my daily reads include Anna Spiros’ blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, Saavy Home, Amber Interiors, The Aestate, and The Pursuit of Style. I’m so inspired by this up and coming round of fresh taste makers, it’s so fun to watch them put trends into their own context.

Smiling from ear to ear immediately commenced and was quickly followed by a string of exclamation mark littered sentences emailedto my boyfriend with a link to the article giddily explaining how it was a such big deal to me because I admire Jamie so much.

The long and short of it is this: Jamie and her team are crazy talented and we should all make a pilgrimage to Furbish.

Who’s coming with me?


chandelier | pillow | guest towels | vase | benches*| rug

Jamie Meares, of I Suwannee, is someone that needs no introduction around these parts. I’m a huge fan of basically everything she does and we seem to share the same style philosophy: the more color and pattern the better! Unsurprisingly, her online shop, Furbish Studio, is the destination for all things fun and chic.

Furbish online recently had a makeover and I’d highly encourage you to head over, take a peek and fill up your shopping cart (mine’s already filled with the above). To soften the blow to your AMEX, use code newfurb for 15% off through Saturday!

P.S Jamie, someday I will show up on Furbish’s doorstep in NC begging for a job so that I can bask in you and Keila’s design glory. Let’s try and make that work,  Okay? Thanks!

*bench photoshop skills thanks to Kelly Market