Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton


I recently read Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland and in it there’s a great story about Lauren Hutton. Lauren was just one of the many models made famous after receiving Diana’s seal of approval. Interestingly enough, she actually changed her name from Mary to Lauren, inspired by Lauren Bacall, who was one of Diana’s other great discoveries.

The photos above are from Lauren’s very first photoshoot for Vogue in 1966. As the story goes, Richard Avedon had turned her down at least three times before Diana convinced him to put her in front of the camera.

Diana was right, of course. Avedon was captivated and the rest is history. Great inspiration to keep on trying, right?
Happy weekend!


These shots of Lauren Hutton for J.Crew literally stopped me in my tracks. Isn’t she just the epitome of effortless American style? I think so. Also, I really think she gets more beautiful with age. I hope time is half as kind to me! I’m off to enjoy a lazy Sunday with absolutely nothing on the agenda. Hope you all had a great weekend!
P.S be sure to read the whole feature over at J.Crew. Lauren shares some great style advice and I’m taking notes!