Bunny Williams | Lonny

Bunny Williams | Lonny

Bunny Williams | Lonny

The Pursuit of Style | Mirrored Sconces

This Sea Island condo designed by Bunny Williams (featured in the July 2010 issue of Lonny) has always been one of my favorites. The entire condo is beautiful, and one I come back to for inspiration often, but I’ve always fixated on those mirrored sconces. They’ve been in the back of my mind for years now and something I always keep my eye out for on antiquing trips.

The exact sconces Bunny used were from Treillage but of course they’re long gone now. I’ve found some pretty amazing options on 1st Dibs but naturally they’ve all been just a little out of my price range. Last week I must have had some good karma come my way, or the stars were aligned, because I finally found my sconces!

Kathryn and I popped into one of my favorite home furnishings consignment stores, Gallery St. Elmo, while waiting for a (very late) delivery and there they were on the back wall. It was one of those situations where I was a little afraid to look at the price tag for fear that I wouldn’t be able to take them home. Fortunately–as with most items at Gallery St. Elmo–they were actually quite the steal!  Ahh isn’t finally finding that one thing you’ve been looking for the best feeling?

P.S if you’re looking Pottery Barn has a pair that are slightly more rustic, but same idea and they’re on sale!


Jenna Snyder Phillips | Flair

Jenna Snyder Phillips | J.Crew Bridal

Jenna Snyder Phillips

Jenna Snyder Phillips

Jenna Snyder Phillips | Lonny

Jenna Snyder Phillips | Lonny

This will probably make me seem like a prude, but ten years ago the idea of having a large framed nude in my home probably would have made me blush. To be fair to my younger self, ten years ago would put me in a dorm room at boarding school and I have to admit, I got a good laugh imagining one of these pieces mixed in with the Ralph Lauren and David Yurman ads I papered my walls with–nevermind what my dorm parents would have said!

I’d like to think that my taste in artwork has matured (although maybe not my sense of humor) and today I can’t think of anything more chic to add to my walls than one of Jenna Snyder-Phillips‘ nudes. I’ve seen her work repeatedly in the pages of Lonny (side note: Michelle Adams is leaving?? Whoa curveball!) but for some reason never clicked through to discover the artist. Most likely because of the fear of sticker shock. Don’t you hate falling in love with something you can’t have? Happens to me so often with artwork.

Fast forward to last night when I was researching another post and stumbled across Jenna’s website where I noticed a photo of J.Crew’s bridal boutique in her portfolio. The very same photo I included on my inspiration board for my site’s re-design. Ahh, serendipity!

I’ve already made a promise to myself that I will own one of Jenna’s pieces one of these days. I think it would be an amazing present to myself once I achieve something big. My first big interior design project, perhaps? Dream big!



But these fireplaces are so delightful! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I’m feeling very lucky that our tiny apartment has a fireplace. Having one just makes bad weather all the more bearable (especially when paired with comfy clothes and a good book.) Our fireplace is definitely not as chic as the mantels above, but as renters we don’t have much choice in the matter. If I had my way, I’d install a salvaged mantel and top it with all sorts of treasures.

How would you decorate yours?

P.S I hope you’re all safe, warm, and with electricity!



I generally try to avoid re-posting photos you’ve probably already seen, but in this case I couldn’t resist. It’s rare to find a home that aligns so well with your aesthetic that you could envision yourself moving in and not needing to change a thing.

That’s how I felt yesterday when Glitter Guide featured a tour of Lucky magazine’s west coast editor, and Le Catch author, Marlien Rentmeester’s home. I’m sure you can see why I was practically giddy clicking through. Oddly enough, the bathroom is the stand out for me. There’s just something about those Calypso Blue walls that I can’t get enough of!

P.S for more photos of Marlien’s home re-visit the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Lonny.




I know I’m down south where winter coats aren’t quite necessary, but like it or not, I’ll soon be returning to DC where the weather is getting chillier by the day. You’d think that being from Massachusetts I’d be used to the cold but I’m still a beach baby at heart. I’m on the hunt for a new winter coat and as usual, can’t help but be drawn to brighter hues. I’d love to get my hands on one of these orange beauties. At the very least, if DC gets hit with massive snow storms again this year you’ll definitely be able to find me in a snow pile!