I love to cook at home but don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like to. I’m definitely one of those people that needs a recipe and am terrible at planning menus ahead of time. This tends to result in last minute trips to the grocery store for obscure exotic spices that I’m pretty sure most people don’t keep in their pantries regularly.

I have noticed that I’m happier and feel healthier when I cook meals at home rather than ordering We The Pizza (whoops did that last night) or picking up noodles from Toki Underground.  In an effort to get back to the kitchen I’ve been visiting my local farmers market (H Street FreshFarm Market ) on the weekends and adding more and more food blogs to my google reader.

Smitten Kitchen has quickly become one of my favorites and I was thrilled to learn its author, Deb Perelman, has come out with a cookbook, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. I’m planning to order a copy ASAP–which I’m sure will quickly end up dogeared and splattered with various ingredients–but isn’t that how cookbooks should be?

P.S I really loved reading all of the recipes you’ve tried and loved in yesterday’s Let’s Chat! Do you have any food blog suggestions that I should be adding to my reader? I’m sure my boyfriend would be forever grateful. He’s pretty excited about the promise of more homemade meals!