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1. Olive Wood Paddle Board 2. Bon Appetit Napkin 3. Horn Salad Serving Set 4. Striped Towel Set 5. Savon De Marseille Extra Pur Hand Soap 6. Le Creuset French Oven

After sharing my first food post on the blog this morning, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favorite kitchens with you. You know, the places I daydreamed about while making that meal. Places far far away from the tiny galley sized kitchen with Formica counters I’m actually working with. Oh the joys of apartment living…

You might notice a few themes here: 1. I’m clearly obsessed with white cabinetry and 2. I love subway tile in any shade. Any one of these kitchens would be lovely, but I think my ultimate dream kitchen would be the love child of Tommy Smythe’s killer black and white kitchen in photo three and the beautifully styled open shelves in photo one. Wouldn’t that be a looker?

Since kitchens and cookware are obviously consuming my thoughts these days, you can also check out my suggestions for stylish kitchen accessories over on Houzz. I may have to live with my Formica counters for awhile, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress them up with a monogrammed olive wood cutting board! Do you have your dream kitchen yet or are you still fighting against Formica like me?



Have you seen Tommy Smythe’s chic Toronto home? If you haven’t, check out the house tour on Apartment Therapy and report back because I swear you’ll die! My favorite part (and there’s a lot to love) are these a-m-a-zing spotted chairs. Here’s a close up….

And the room in its full glory…
After I wiped the drool away, I remembered that I had this little gem¬†tucked away in my favorites folder. Meet Togo, only $9.99/yd from Premier Prints and the perfect doppleganger, don’t you think?
Hope you all had a great weekend! My request for fall weather was met with rain here in DC…bleh. You win some, you lose some right?