If there were a way to calculate chic per capita, I’m pretty sure Lyford Cay would be off the charts thanks in large part to designers like Amanda Lindroth (and of course, Tom Scheerer’s re-decoration of the Lyford Cay Club). This wicker and rattan filled porch designed by Lindroth featured in House Beautiful is providing me with ample inspiration. Those lamps!

House Beautiful | Amanda Lindroth

As much as I’m in denial that summer is quickly fleeting, purchases like these stacked tortoise heels are making the transition to fall more appealing. Huge props to my sister for bringing them to my tortoise loving attention.

Tortoise Heels

I have a category in my reader titled “An Education” for blogs that enrich my knowledge of interior design. Carolyn Roehm’s blog is one of my favorites in that category. Following the renovations of her historic Charleston home is fascinating.  The recent reveal of her bird room was a particular favorite.

Carolyn Roehm


The Pursuit of Style

If you’ve seen me in the past few weeks chances are you’ve seen me wearing this jewelry combo. The J.Crack got me again.

I finally used a gift card I had been holding on to (does anyone else agonize over what to spend those on?) and bought this tortoise and brass link necklace. I was desperately searching for something, anything, to wear in some photos I was having taken when I came across this beauty.

Unsurprisingly, I ended up not wearing any of the clothes I bought that day but I did wear this necklace. I’ve been wearing it on repeat ever since paired with a simple pair of gold Gorjana studs.

I think of tortoise in the same way I think of other animal prints, as a neutral, so it’s been surprisingly easy to pair with a variety of outfits. Maybe I’ll tire of it soon, but for now I’m going to enjoy the ease of having a go-to when it comes to picking out my accessories in the morning!


Hydrangeas | The Pursuit of Style

Hydrangeas | The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

Almond Croissant | The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The past few weeks have been crazy in the very best of ways. When this weekend rolled around all I wanted was a pair of sweatpants and a DVR full of my favorite shows.

I was actually a little disappointed when I found out we wouldn’t be getting snow like the majority of the Northeast, but now I’m feeling incredibly grateful not to be among the 630,000+ people without power–my parents and grandparents on the Cape included. Stay safe and warm!

After getting my laziness fix I ventured out for some other self indulgent essentials: fresh flowers and an almond croissant. I’ll happily settle for a fluffy white bouquet if it’s the only white out my apartment will be seeing this winter.
Side note: there’s the infamous tortoise ice bucket I’ve mentioned (obsessed over) before.

Our golden retriever, Brody, took complete advantage of the extra few hours I spent lounging in bed. I’m not entirely convinced his half on/half off position could be comfortable, but he seemed to be enjoying it!

How was your weekend? Were you lazy like me, or were you tackling a never ending to-do list?


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Tortoise shell is one of those timeless patterns that looks chic in just about any form. Use it as a neutral in both fashion and interiors to instantly up your chic quotient.

P.S I received this Bobbi Brown palette (which unfortunately seems to be sold out) for Christmas and the colors are as gorgeous as the packaging. Highly recommend it if you can get your hands on one!