Let’s finish the week strong with some serious, undeniably envy inducing #housegoals. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve clicked through the Vogue slideshow of Caroline Sieber and Fritz von Westenholz’s London home. I’ll also cop to buying not one, but two hard copies for posterity.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

Where to begin – obviously with the custom colored Zuber wallpaper in the living room. I actually saw a photo of this room years ago floating around Pinterest and tracked it down to Caroline Sieber’s Insta (so worth following) so to say I was excited to see the entire home would be a massive understatement.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

I laughed out loud on my first scroll through of the feature when I saw this photo because it is exactly the beaming with contentment face I’d be making in this room.

The fab feathered skirt is just the icing on the cake, but come on, would you expect anything less from the stylist responsible for taking Emma Watson from Hermione to ingenue?

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

Other areas of note: the library-cum-dining room with its lacquered blue shelves and the most perfect use of Braquenié’s tree of life fabric as a Roman shade that I can promise you I will “borrow” at some point in the future.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

And Caroline’s dressing room – I’m dying to know what shade of pink that is and also loving the Madeline Castaing fabric (one of my design idols!) on the shade.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

The kitchen which opens out into the garden is straight out of a Nancy Meyer’s set. The floor to ceiling cabinetry–“stocked with porcelain by Herend” Vogue notes 😉 –coolie shade pendants (perhaps another nod to Castaing who loved a coolie shade), and rush seat chairs (these are kind of similar, but the lines are not quite as graceful) at the breakfast table are personal favorites.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

I have to admit, at first I thought I hated the master bath, which is modeled after the Duke of Windsor’s in Paris, but strangely it’s growing on me. You have to admire someone who dares to be different, and Carrara and subway tile this is not!

I’ll end on a quote from Caroline that resonated with me: “I had a very strong idea of what I wanted, and I wasn’t that worried about making mistakes, because this is for us, you know? So we went for crazy colors and lots of patterns.”

In decorating, ‘you do you’ is kind of the ultimate motto.


Hamish Bowles | Vogue

Hamish Bowles | Vogue

Hamish Bowles | Vogue

Hamish Bowles | Vogue


Whoa, I kind of can’t believe I’m turning 27 today. When I was growing up I always thought of 27 as sort of a magic number–the age I’d certainly have everything “figured out” by. I’m not sure if this makes me wiser, or just more realistic, but I can say that as I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely realized you never completely have it all “figured out”. There’s always a new set of challenges and adventures to take on, but isn’t that what makes life exciting?

Last year on my birthday I made a list of 26 goals for the year and as I looked back this morning I was feeling pretty proud of myself that most of the big ones were checked off (I’m planning to make a new list for 27, just need to give it some thought!) It’s kind of funny to me that one of the goals on my list was to take a course in interior design. How about a complete career change, does that count? No? Okay, well I took a course too!

My celebration might not be nearly as elaborate as Hamish Bowles’ Gatsby inspired 50th (shown above) but I’m looking forward to spending the morning antiquing with my mom, relaxing at the beach, and heading to my very favorite restaurant for dinner. As my grandmother reminded me yesterday, don’t worry about the number, just be happy you’re still here to be living it!

Cheers to 27!



Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton


I recently read Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland and in it there’s a great story about Lauren Hutton. Lauren was just one of the many models made famous after receiving Diana’s seal of approval. Interestingly enough, she actually changed her name from Mary to Lauren, inspired by Lauren Bacall, who was one of Diana’s other great discoveries.

The photos above are from Lauren’s very first photoshoot for Vogue in 1966. As the story goes, Richard Avedon had turned her down at least three times before Diana convinced him to put her in front of the camera.

Diana was right, of course. Avedon was captivated and the rest is history. Great inspiration to keep on trying, right?
Happy weekend!


Two years ago, Carine Roitfeld threw a masquerade ball to celebrate French Vogue’s 90th anniversary and Anna Dello Russo stole the show in a custom made Pucci dress and Gareth Pugh headdress. The gorgeous photos above were shot by Tommy Ton as Anna dressed for the evening in her suite at the Ritz.

This is the type of party I’d like to attend on Halloween. An elegant affair that requires a couture costume. I’d opt for a less cumbersome mask, but only because I’m confident I’d take down other guests with my clumsiness!

Are you dressing up this year? As someone with an incredibly lame track record for costumes, I’d love to know what you’re masquerading as!



Maybe it was fashion week that inspired me, or this gallery wall that has been a perennial favorite. Whatever it was, I’m happy to say that the above vintage Vogue cover will soon be occupying some prime real estate in my apartment. I can’t wait for it to arrive! There have been so many new additions to the apartment that I’m excited to share. I promise it will be very soon!