Incorporating Summer-Inspired Colors and Patterns into UK Home Decor for a Vibrant Look

Introduction to Summer-Inspired Home Decor

Brighter days are here with the warm summer sun, it’s time to add fresh colors and patterns! Adding some elements in your living spaces that remind you of summer can make the space feel more alive and happier. We have assembled inspirational ideas for creating the mood of summer within your UK home in this easy-to-use guide.

Choosing a Summer Color Palette

The cornerstone of summer-inspired decor is a bright color palette. Below you might be discovering a number of the hottest summer time colorings, in addition to some strategies on how to satisfactorily use them.

Bright and Bold

Softer hues are out and bold colors like sunny yellows, ocean blues and vibrant oranges are in. The beauty of it all is that these colors suggest the summer vibrancy which gives your room a cheerful and inviting winter cantic feel. 

Use these colors as accent walls, cushion cushions and decorative elements.

Soft Pastels

If you want something a bit simpler, then the light pastels of mint green, blush pink and baby blue can help create a calm space with an added touch in color. For larger items such as furniture and rugs, pastels are an appropriate choice to layer your summer decor on a nice calm slate.

Natural Neutrals

Add neutral natural elements such as sandy beige, bright white and soft gray to balance the bold or pastel colors. Neutrals work best for big-ticket items like furniture and on walls/floors, this way the bolder colors aren’t distracting your eye or making a space feel heavy.

Incorporating Summer Patterns

It is a cue for summer decoration, which creates visual appeal beyond lines and brings fun to the home with patterns. Patterns you might consider:


Summer and floral patterns literally go hand in hand. Florals can be used in many ways whether they are on the wallpapers, cushions or even curtains which add a touch of nature into your home. Go for big flowers if you want to create a statement, or smaller ones if that is the image you are after.


Summer is the ideal time for striped decor because stripes are nautical, both versatile and timeless striped patterns in differing scales and colors can be a beautiful addition to your living or bedroom space. Vertical stripes may add height and elegance while horizontal stripes give the illusion of a room being larger.

Tropical Prints

With tropical print-palm leaves, exotic flowers and fruits included-in-hand, you can take the rest of your home directly to summer paradise. Use these prints sparingly like on the throw pillows or with framed artwork to avoid this trend overtaking your space.

Updating Textiles and Accessories

Nine times out of ten textiles and accessories are the quickest fix for a summer refresh in your home decor. Here are some ideas:

Light and Breezy Fabrics

Trade heavier fabrics – silk, velvet and even wool – in favor of lighter materials like linen or cotton. Not only do they feel cooler but add to the overall laidback summer atmosphere. 

When it comes to light, consider substituting your covering with sheer curtains in order for natural light to flood through and create a room that is literally breezy.

Vibrant Throw Pillows and Blankets

Bring in a little color and pattern with colorful throw pillows or blankets. Put various textures and patterns together to make a layered feel in your space. Because of their colors they are something that you can easy switch out from season to season if need be.

Decorative Accessories

Add some summer-inspired decor pieces like shells, coral and driftwood as well. Display these natural elements in vases, on shelves or add them to a centerpiece. Also look for woven baskets and trays to add texture and hints of that beachy feeling.

Bringing the Outdoors In

After all, summer is meant to be shared in the great outdoors and let a little of that green inside for good measure!

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants, they both brighten your place up and clean the air. Thoughtful selection of plant-types, ranging from tiny little succulents to large planter baskets filled with trees can create an indoor garden that appears natural and full of life! Gesneriad, ferns, palms and peace lilies are good indoor plants that bring in the tropical mood.

Fresh Flowers

Sprinkle vases with fresh flowers all over your house for an instant burst of color and fragrance. Dip different varieties of flowers into the batter and rotate according to what you have each week or by choice. Summer time flowers similar to sunflowers, daisies and hydrangeas can add a punch of coloration in addition to whimsy.

Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces

Make sure to carry that summer decor outside in your outdoor living areas. With that in mind, check out some tips for creating welcoming outdoor spaces:

Colorful Outdoor Furniture

Invest in colorful foldable backyard furniture that’s comfy and motivational so you can spend hours outdoors reading, lounging on the deck or lazing by the swimming pool. Choose materials that are designed to last made of metal, wood and weather-resistant fabrics

Outdoor Rugs and Cushions

Use colorful outdoor rugs and cushions enhance your garden experience and really make it feel like an extension of the home. They help set off spaces in your home more distinctly, and they definitely need a bit of comfort and style!


Add string lights, lanterns and solar-powered lamps to set the mood in your exterior space. This soft light keeps things warm and magical for our evening family time.

Conclusion: Embracing Summer Vibes

Scroll down for some summer-inspired ideas to help you brighten up your home decor and create colorful and welcoming living spaces. 

Creating a new feeling in your space can be as simple and affordable as selecting a bright color palette, playful patterns, updated textiles & accessories or adding the outdoors.